Meatable, a Dutch producer of cell-based pork meat, has become the first company to hold an officially approved cultivated meat tasting in the European Union and the first in the Netherlands.

Image courtesy of Meatable © Bart Maat

Meatable Makes History as First Company to Hold a Cultivated Meat Tasting in the EU

Meatable, a Dutch producer of cell-based pork meat, has become the first company to hold an officially approved cultivated meat tasting in the European Union, and the first in the Netherlands. According to the announcement, the company held a private tasting for its cultivated pork sausages at its new headquarters in Leiden after receiving approval for product safety from the third-party committee sanctioned by the Dutch government. Important to note …



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Mosa Meat Raises €40M From Investors Including Poultry Producer PHW Group

Dutch cultivated meat company Mosa Meat has raised €40 million in an oversubscribed funding round. The capital will be used to scale up production processes, drive down production costs, and prepare for market entry. The round was led by Lowercarbon Capital and M Ventures, with other participants including Dutch state-owned impact investor Invest-NL, LIOF (the regional development agency for the Limburg province), and LEF (the Limburg Energy Fund). Significantly, the …


Supermeat Cultivated Chicken Sandwich

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SuperMeat’s Cultivated Chicken Outperforms Most Efficient Farm Animal in Carbon Footprint Study

Chicken is considered the most efficient source of land-animal protein compared to beef and pork due to its lower feed conversion ratio and smaller environmental footprint. However, cultivated chicken presents an opportunity for even greater sustainability. A new life cycle analysis (LCA) from the Israeli startup SuperMeat, conducted by independent research consultancy CE Delft about the environmental impact of its 100% cultivated chicken vs. conventional chicken, found a 47% reduction …


Coperion introduces new extrusion unit

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Coperion Introduces “Texture Solutions” for Plant-Based and Cultivated Meat

Coperion, a leader in compounding and twin screw extrusion equipment and systems for alternative proteins, has developed an innovative texturizing unit for its extruder to help manufacturers mimic animal flesh more easily. Called the MEGAtex S7, Coperion’s new equipment is mounted at the discharge of the ZSK Food Extruder, allowing producers to switch between making texturized vegetable proteins (TVP) and high-moisture meat analogs (HMMA). TVP and HMMA products are manufactured using …


Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio has raised venture capital funding to develop further its predictive model or "scale-up algorithm" for cultivated meat.

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Orbillion Bio Secures Funds to Cultivate Beef at Scale With Innovative Algorithm

Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio has secured venture capital funding to develop further its predictive model or “scale-up algorithm” for cultivated meat and bring a product to the market “within a year’s time.” Specializing in cultivating heritage breed meats like Wagyu, elk, and lamb, Orbillion is currently focusing on creating a ground beef product that merges cultivated meat with plant-based ingredients to provide a “tasty, nutritious product at the price of …


Innocent Meat, a startup pioneering the production of cultivated meat in Germany, announces that it has secured €3 million in financing despite the "challenging market environment."

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Innocent Meat Raises €3M for Automated “Plug-and-Produce” Solution for Cultivated Meat

Innocent Meat, a startup pioneering the production of cultivated meat in Germany, announces that it has secured €3 million in financing despite the “challenging market environment.” Anchor investor Venture Capital Fonds MV supported the startup with €500 thousand, and a new undisclosed private investor invested €2.5 million.  In 2020, Laura Gertenbach and Patrick Nonnenmache co-founded Innocent Meat with the goal of transforming meat production through cell-based methods. The company is …


Meatable hot dog

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Meatable Slashes Production Time for Cultivated Pork: Cell to Sausage in Four Days

Cultivated pork producer Meatable announces a new production milestone: from cell to sausage in “only four days”. This new record surpasses the company’s previous eight-day process, making it the quickest cell-cultivating method in the world, the company claims. “This process is 60 times faster than traditional pig farming and involves nothing more than pulling a single cell once from a pig without causing harm,” says the Dutch startup. A record-speed platform …


Future of Foods podcast with Celeste Trujillo of Better Butchers

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Future of Foods Podcast: Celeste Trujillo, Food Science, Product Development at The Better Butchers

Alex Crisp of the Future of Foods podcast here interviews The Better Butchers, a Canadian company headed by Mitchell Scott previously of The Better Food Company, which intends to create hybrid cultivated meat products. The interview with Celeste Trujillo from The Better Butchers was carried out in September 2023. Since then the following updates have taken place and are reported by the company. We have launched a new line of …


Ivy Farm Gyoza dish

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BSF Enterprise and Ivy Farm Partner to Produce Cultivated Meat in China

Two UK firms, BSF Enterprise, owner of the UK clinical and cell ag company 3D Bio-Tissues (3DBT), and the cultivated meat company Ivy Farm Technologies, have partnered to fundraise, produce, and scale cultivated meat in China. BSF Enterprise (LSE: BSFA) (OTCQB: BSFAF) announced that the commercial agreement involves securing investment to help Ivy Farm enter the Chinese market and find key manufacturers to develop various cultivated meat products. Last year, BSF Enterprise …


Eat Just/ GOOD Meat Singapore Chicken

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GOOD Meat Temporarily Pauses Cultivated Chicken Production in Singapore

Amended 4 March: The company wishes to emphasize that production is simply paused temporarily, and it plans to resume production and service to consumers very soon. GOOD Meat, the cultivated meat division of the US company Eat Just, has temporarily paused the production of cultivated chicken in Singapore. The Straits Times revealed that GOOD Meat’s primary facility and a new $61 million plant in Bedok, which was scheduled to open …