Singaporean precision fermentation company TurtleTree announces a new commercial partnership for its flagship whey protein lactoferrin, LF+, with Strive, a F&B company specializin in bringing novel protein products to market.

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TurtleTree & Strive to Launch Health-Focused Beverages Powered by Animal-Free Lactoferrin

Singaporean precision fermentation company TurtleTree announces a new commercial partnership with Strive Nutrition, an F&B company bringing novel proteins to market, for LF+, claimed to be the world’s first GRAS and vegan-certified animal-free lactoferrin. The companies will introduce two health-focused products in the USA by 2025: an immunity support beverage for adults and a ready-to-mix protein powder targeted for sports nutrition. According to the announcement, the collaboration aims to capitalize on …


The EVERY Co. has partnered with Canada’s Landish Foods, to launch FERMY, a new line of ready-to-mix protein powders featuring its precision fermentation-derived egg white protein.

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The EVERY Co. and Landish Unveil FERMY Functional Coffee & Latte Mixes with Fermented Egg Proteins

US biotech The EVERY Co. announces it has partnered with Canada’s Landish Foods, a nutritional wellness products leader in North America, to launch FERMY, a new line of ready-to-mix protein powders for beverages featuring its precision fermentation-derived egg white protein. The new products under the new brand FERMY — Protein Coffee Enhancer and Protein Matcha Latte — offer 8 grams of digestible egg protein, as well as other brain-boosting ingredients …


Strive FREEMILK Whole, an alternative milk crafted with Perfect Day's whey protein, has launched in partnership with Florida coffee roasters Oceana Coffee at the 2024 Miami Open.

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Strive Milk is Served at the Miami Open, Becoming First Animal-Free Milk at Major Sporting Event

Strive FREEMILK Whole, an alternative milk crafted with Perfect Day‘s sustainable whey protein, is being served in partnership with Florida coffee roasters Oceana Coffee at the 2024 Miami Open. This launch represents the first animal-free milk made with precision fermentation protein served at a major sporting event, marking a huge milestone for the alt dairy category, gaining mainstream visibility and recognition beyond just being available online or in stores. Strive …


Bored Cow launches animal-free yogurt, announced B-Corp status

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Bored Cow Launches “First of its Kind” Animal-Free Yogurt Made with Fermented Proteins

In response to its most consumer-requested product; Tomorrow Farms‘ animal-free dairy brand, Bored Cow, announces that it has developed the “first of its kind” range of drinkable yogurt made with milk protein from fermentation, coconut cream, and cane sugar.  Bored Cow’s new yogurt alternative comes in 7 oz bottles in three flavors: strawberry, vanilla, and passion fruit mango. Each bottle provides 8 g of complete protein per bottle, calcium, vitamin D, …


Pluri develops cell-based coffee at industrial scale

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PluriAgtech Introduces Cell-Based Coffee to Provide an Alternative to Traditional Production

Israeli biotechnology firm Pluri, formerly Pluristem, (Nasdaq, TASE: PLUR) has launched PluriAgtech, a subsidiary leveraging plant cell culture to grow sustainable coffee and break away from traditional farming methods.  As global warming continues to impact the coffee industry, shrinking viable land for cultivation and increasing demand leads to higher prices and less production.  According to the company, by 2050, land for coffee production will be reduced by half, and 30% …


California Cultured

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California Cultured Signs 10-Year Agreement with Japan’s Largest Chocolate Company for Cell-Cultured Cocoa

California Cultured, a West Sacramento-based startup specializing in plant cell culture, has announced a partnership with Meiji Ltd. Co., Japan’s largest chocolate company. This collaboration involves the integration of California Cultured’s cell-cultured cocoa products into Meiji’s lineup of packaged goods. Part of the co-branded collaboration includes a 10-year commercial agreement positioning California Cultured as the supplier of its “Flavanol Cocoa Powder” to Meiji. California Cultured uses cellular agriculture to create …


The Finnish food experience company Fazer announces the launch of the world's first chocolate bar powered by Solein in Singapore.

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Solar Foods and Fazer Unveil World’s First Air-Based Protein Chocolate Bar in Singapore

Finnish food producer Fazer announces the launch in Singapore of the world’s first chocolate bar powered by Solein. Solein, created by the Finish biotech Solar Foods, is a novel protein crafted through fermentation technology, utilizing microbes, carbon dioxide, and electricity without the need for agricultural resources, hence dubbed “air-based protein.” With this introduction, Fazer becomes the first fast-moving consumer goods company ever to offer a product made with Solein, marking …


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Novozymes Launches New Clean-Label Biosolution for “Perfect Textures” in Plant-Based Meat

Novozymes (NASDAQ OMX: NZYM-B), one of the world’s largest providers of microbial technologies and enzymes, has launched Vertera®ProBite, a new clean-label product that the company claims delivers “perfect textures” in plant-based meat. The Danish company says that its new biosolution addresses consumers’ concerns about the texture and long ingredient lists of alt meat, ultimately encouraging more people to choose sustainable food options. A study conducted by the company shows that 95% …


Austrian startup Revo Foods introduces THE FILET, a mycoprotein-based salmon filet.

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Revo Foods’ Mycoprotein-Based Salmon Filet Becomes First 3D-Printed Alternative to Hit Supermarket Shelves

Austrian startup Revo Foods introduces THE FILET, a mycoprotein-based salmon filet that will be available from the 14th of September at REWE’s famous vegan superstore, the 200-metre square Billa Pflanzilla. According to Revo Foods, it is the first-ever 3D-printed product available in supermarkets worldwide. Revo Foods and Swedish startup Mycorena collaborated to develop the 3D-printable mycoprotein, utilizing Mycorena’s Promyc ingredient. The project received €1.5 million from Swedish innovation agency Vinnova, the Austrian Research Promotion Agency, and the …


Solar Foods launches first -ever Gelato made with its microbial protein

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Solar Foods Launches the First Ever Gelato Replacing Dairy with Protein “Out of Thin Air”

Since its approval for sale in Singapore last year, news about Solein, the protein made out of thin air, doesn’t stop. Today, the Finnish company Solar Foods and its partner restaurant Fico are launching the world’s first Solein Chocolate Gelato in Singapore.  The debut marks the first time a food made with an animal-free protein grown from microbes using hydrogen and carbon dioxide (out of thin air) is sold to the general public. …