UPSIDE Foods is hosting a free one-night-only pop-up in Miami to offer cultivated chicken before Florida's cultivated meat ban takes effect on July 1, 2024.

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UPSIDE Foods Hosts Free Cultivated Chicken Tasting Before Florida’s Ban

UPSIDE Foods, the first company to introduce a cultivated meat product in the USA,  announces that it is hosting a free, one-night-only pop-up tasting in Miami, on June 27, starting at 6:30 pm (ET). The event aims to celebrate “freedom of food” and allow Floridians to taste cultivated meat before the ban prohibiting the production and sale of cultivated meat in Florida takes effect on July 1, 2024. At the …


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Cultivated Meat: Approvals and Prohibitions Since Singapore’s Pioneering Step in 2020

Since Singapore became the first country to approve cultivated meat in 2020, a favorable regulatory environment has been growing in some nations while others have opted to ban the technology. Currently, worldwide, 174 companies are developing cultivated meat from cells, rather than farming animals or fishing. This milestone signifies a major achievement for an emerging industry that has had to build practically everything from the bottom up. Today’s summary highlights the world’s …


Cell scaffolding at NUS

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A Deep Dive into the Role of 3D Scaffolds as the Building Blocks for Cultivated Meat

In addition to scaling and cost hurdles, cultivated meat production faces the unique challenge of developing final products that meet the consumer’s expectations of conventional animal-based meat, including larger pieces akin to whole cuts. However, most prototypes are made from ground meat and do not look exactly like whole cuts. Why is this the case? 3D scaffolds Companies in the space are experimenting with 3D structures or scaffolds to recreate …


School cafeteria meal

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Politics & Law

US Senators Propose Ban on Cell-Cultivated Meat in School Meals

US Senators Mike Rounds and Jon Tester have introduced the “School Lunch Integrity Act of 2024.” This bill seeks to amend nutritional requirements established by the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act of 1966 to ban cell-cultivated meat from the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and the School Breakfast Program (SBP).  Since the first cell-cultivated protein product debuted in 2013, the industry has seen …


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Florida House Republican Introduces Bill to Ban Cultivated Meat in the State

Florida House Representative Tyler Sirois is making headlines after introducing a new bill prohibiting the production, selling, holding, and distributing of cultivated meat in Florida. The news comes only a few weeks after TIME magazine’s Best Inventions of 2023 included GOOD Meat’s cultivated chicken. As reported by Action News Jax, the proposed legislation states that anyone found in violation could face criminal penalties, including a misdemeanor of the second degree, accompanied …



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UPSIDE Foods: “We’ve Proven Cultivated Meat is Safe, Delicious, and Something Consumers Want”

Last November, UPSIDE Foods made history when it became one of the first two cultivated meat companies to have a product greenlit by the FDA. Since then, the company has reached several more milestones, with its cultivated chicken receiving USDA label approval this June and gaining final regulatory approval to be sold in the US a week later. UPSIDE’s first sale — believed to be the first ever for cultivated …


Guest trying cultivated chicken at Bar Crenn

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Gastronomy & Food Service

UPSIDE Foods: Reservations Now Open to Purchase Cultivated Meat in US For First Time

UPSIDE Foods announces the first reservations to try its historic cultivated chicken are now open to the public. On August 4, Bar Crenn in San Francisco will begin serving UPSIDE’s cultivated chicken as part of a six-course meal, marking the first time members of the public can sign up to purchase cultivated meat in the US.  The announcement comes just weeks after UPSIDE completed the first consumer sale of its …


Crenn Cultivated Chicken Dish at Bar Crenn


Gastronomy & Food Service

UPSIDE Foods: First-Ever Sale of Cultivated Meat in US Takes Place Today

UPSIDE Foods announces its whole-cut, cell-cultivated chicken is launching at Chef Dominique Crenn’s acclaimed Bar Crenn restaurant on July 1st – in what UPSIDE believes is the first-ever consumer sale of cultivated meat in the US. The first customers will be several winners selected from a social media contest held by UPSIDE. The event follows a historic month for UPSIDE, which recently gained regulatory approval from the US Department of …


UPSIDE Foods receives regulatory approval to produce and sell its cultivated chicken in the US

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Company News

UPSIDE Foods Gains Final Approval to Sell Cultivated Chicken to US Consumers

UPSIDE Foods announces it has secured the regulatory approval to produce and sell its cultivated chicken in the US. Concurrently, Eat Just’s GOOD Meat division has also passed its final stage of approval today (another article to follow shortly) after both companies today received the Grant of Inspection (GOI) from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) marking the last step in the pre-market regulatory process. Receiving the GOI confirms …


Cultivated meat made with serum-free cell growth media

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Company News

Setting the Record Straight: Eat Just is First Cultivated Meat Company to Receive USDA Label Approval

In a turn of events, and further to our article published some hours ago, UPSIDE Foods is in fact the second cultivated meat company in the US to receive label approval from USDA, not the first, as the company claimed in its widely distributed press release today. Following the publication of the UPSIDE news on ours and other platforms, Eat Just contacts vegconomist to set the record straight: “GOOD Meat …