Nosh Biofoods has developed a mycoprotein for clean label meat alternatives

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Nosh Biofoods’ Mycoprotein for Single Ingredient, Clean-Label Alternatives to Reach Price Parity with Poultry in 2025

Nosh Biofoods, a B2B biomass fermentation startup based in Germany, has developed a unique mycoprotein that allows manufacturers to produce single-ingredient meat and seafood alternatives with a clean label. According to the startup, the new ingredient provides an umami taste with zero aftertaste and neutral color. This allows the production of 100% mycoprotein analogs without any additives or binders, with final products only needing color additives, spices for flavor, and …


ProteinDistillery announces a partnership with the machine manufacturer NETZSCH to advance the purification processes of Prew:tein.

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ProteinDistillery and NETZSCH Partner to Advance Egg-Like Prew:tein from Upcycled Brewer’s Yeast

The German biotech ProteinDistillery announces a partnership with the machine manufacturer NETZSCH to advance the purification process of Prew:tein — a biomass fermentation-derived protein that delivers functionality akin to egg whites.   ProteinDistillery recently secured €15 million to build an industrial-scale production facility in southern Germany. Claimed as Europe’s first protein-competence center, the plant will be able to produce tons of the vegan protein crafted from upcycled brewer’s yeast. NETZSCH will supply …


MycoTechnology unveils sweet protein that can replace sugar and artificial sweeteners

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MycoTechnology’s Honey Truffle Sweetener on Track to Revolutionize Sugar Reduction

Mycelial fermentation leader MycoTechnology announces significant progress in scaling production and ensuring the safety of the first-ever honey truffle sweetener.  The new product, made from a sweet protein found in honey truffles discovered only a year ago, is described as a game-changing alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It has a clean taste profile and is 1000 to 2500 times sweeter than sucrose. Leveraging precision fermentation, MycoTechnology claims to have successfully scaled …


Microalgae based caviar

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GreenCoLab Unveils Innovative Microalgae and Seaweed-Based Caviar, Burgers, and Beer

GreenCoLab, a Portuguese non-profit biotech that leverages microalgae and seaweed to create nutraceutical and F&B products, has unveiled three prototypes that will debut at Vitafoods Europe.Vitafoods Europe 2024 The company’s developments include a microalgae-based alternative to sturgeon roe, microalgae artisanal beer, and algae-based burgers. The prototypes feature non-GMO chlorella, tetraselmis, and seaweed, to showcase algae as a sustainable vegan ingredient that can improve the nutritional, functional, and sensory qualities of products. GreenCoLAB …


Solar Foods launches first -ever Gelato made with its microbial protein

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Historic Moment in Food Production: Solar Foods Opens World’s First Commercial-Scale Air Protein Facility

Finnish air protein Solar Foods announces the official launch of its highly anticipated Factory 01 in Vantaa, Finland. Claimed as the world’s first factory growing food out of thin air, the new plant will commercially produce 160 tons annually of the company’s flagship protein, Solein, paving the way for the next generation of sustainable products.  Produced leveraging a microorganism, CO2, and electricity and described as a nutritious and versatile protein, Solein has …


The Live Green Co. unveils two new functional ingredients from its precision fermentation division: GreenTAGs Human Milk Lipids for infant nutrition and GutRevyv Postbiotics for gut health.

Image courtesy of The Live Green Co.

The Live Green Co. Unveils Yeast-Derived Breast Milk Fat and Gut Health Postbiotic

The Live Green Co. (TLGC), a US food tech company headquartered in Boston since 2022, unveils two active functional ingredients developed with precision fermentation: GreenTAGs —  an analog of human breast milk fat known as OPO — and GutRevyv, a postbiotic for gut health. Human milk fat, mainly containing Triacylglycerols or OPO, plays a crucial role in infant development and health: It benefits nutrient absorption, supports neurodevelopment, boosts immunity, favors gut …


Onego Bio raises funding for animal-free egg protein

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Onego Bio Raises $40M to Commercialize “Revolutionary” Animal-Free Egg Protein

US-Finnish biotech company Onego Bio has raised $40 million in one of the largest Series A rounds in the Nordics. The funding will be used to drive the commercialization and manufacturing of the company’s animal-free egg protein, which is produced using precision fermentation. The round was led by NordicNinja, with participation from Tesi, EIT Food, Agronomics, and more. It also includes $10 million in non-dilutive funding from the Finnish government …


Clean Food Group (CFG) has raised £2.5 million to accelerate the commercial launch of its precision fermentation-derived, non-GMO alternative to palm oil by 2025.

Chris Chuck – Yeast alternative to palm oil © University of Bath

Clean Food Group Secures £2.5M to Launch Non-GMO Alternative to Palm Oil by 2025

UK-based biotech firm Clean Food Group (CFG) has raised £2.5 million to accelerate the commercial launch of its yeast-derived, non-GMO alternative to palm oil by 2025. Said to be equivalent to high-oleic palm oil, CFG’s go-to-market product is designed as a drop-in ingredient suitable for baked goods, confectionery, and cosmetics applications. CFG believes it can introduce its novel food product to the UK and EU markets, as the regulatory process for non-GMOs …


Crepes filled with animal-free cream

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Imagindairy and Ginkgo Bioworks Receive Grant to Accelerate the Launch of Cow-Free Dairy Proteins

Israeli animal-free dairy protein developer Imagindairy and Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA), a Boston-based biotech specializing in cell programming, announce a partnership to accelerate the introduction of a new wave of cow-free dairy. A joint grant from the Board of Governors of the Israel-US Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation has partly funded the companies’s multiyear program to commercialize non-whey proteins. The collaboration will leverage Ginkgo Bioworks’ Protein Expression Services and …


Aqua Cultured's tuna chopped in a bowl

Image courtesy of Aqua Cultured Foods

Aqua Cultured and Ginkgo Bioworks Unveil Collab to Produce “Sushi-Grade” Fermented Alt Seafood at Large Scale

Chicago’s Aqua Cultured Foods and the Boston-based biotech Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA) announce a collaboration to transform alternative seafood production with a cost-effective, large-scale process.  Aqua Cultured is known for creating fish-free products, including tuna, whitefish, calamari, shrimp, and scallops, that closely resemble the texture, taste, and appearance of fresh-caught seafood. The company uses traditional and biomass fermentation and a consortium of microbes, including fungal strains, to transform unprocessed organic matter …