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Toronto-Based Startups AuX Labs and Genuine Taste Join BioCreate Accelerator to Create Alternatives to Cheese and Beef

Two cutting-edge biotech startups from Ontario, Canada — AuX Labs and Genuine Taste — have been selected to join BioCreate, an accelerator program that supports innovative companies in the health, food, agriculture, and cleantech sectors. AuX Lab was founded in 2021 by Ted Jin to create affordable bioidentical animal proteins using precision fermentation and engineered yeasts. The company is working to develop yeast strains with high protein-yielding capabilities and a bioprocess fueled by …


Ivy Farm and Finnebrogue partner to bring cultivated Wagyu beef to the UK  

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Biotech Firms Awarded €1.2M for Creating Animal-Free Cell Culture Media to Make Cultivated Meat a “Commercial Reality”

Commercializing cell-based products such as cultivated meat remains challenging due to the substantial costs and ethical implications of fetal bovine serum. To find solutions, EIT Food, the world’s largest and most dynamic food innovation community, and the Good Food Institute (GFI) Europe launched the Cultivated Meat Innovation Challenge to develop a more affordable and efficient animal-free cell culture media. The winners, UK biotech company 3D Bio-Tissues and Israeli biotech startup BioBetter have …


CellX cultivated chicken breast finalist at XPRIZE

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CellX Team Reaches XPRIZE Finals with Cultivated Chicken Breast

Chinese cultivated meat company CellX announces it has been selected among the six finalists (out of 353 participants) of the XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion (FTNB) competition to develop alternative proteins. FTNB, established in 2020, encourages startups to develop alternative chicken breast or fish filet products that surpass conventional meat in terms of nutrition, taste, and texture. Moreover, these products must be affordable and promote environmental sustainability and animal welfare. © XPRIZE Foundation Six breakthroughs in food tech …


Magic Valley

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Magic Valley Selected for SVG Ventures | Thrive Accelerator Following Cultivated Lamb Breakthrough

Australian cultivated meat company Magic Valley, producer of cultivated lamb, is among the ten startups selected for the latest cohort of the SVG Ventures | Thrive APAC Accelerator program. Aimed at growth-stage agrifood tech companies, the program is based in Melbourne and received almost 100 applications for the cohort. Participation will enable Magic Valley to access funding, mentorship, networking opportunities, training, and more. Magic Valley said it was excited to …


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ProVeg Incubator Announces 10th Cohort, Seeking Startups in Plant-Based, Fermentation & Cultivated Foods

The ProVeg Incubator, the world’s first and leading alt-protein startup accelerator, invites applications for its tenth cohort, announcing that it has increased the amount of investment for this edition. Startups that join and complete the programme can now benefit from up to €300K investment — an increase from the previous €250K — including €75K worth of in-kind services. The Incubator aims to support mission-driven startups working on plant-based, fermentation, and …



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Meet Future Wins Plant-Based Start-Up Competition With Fermented Mycoprotein Whole Cuts

Out of the 50+ startups that applied, Meet Future, an Estonian-based food tech that produces whole cut meat and seafood alternatives made from mycoprotein, was announced winner of the Plant-Based Start-Up Competition. Vevolution, a leading vegan marketplace and Plant-Based World Expo Europe, a B2B 100% plant-based food & beverage expo, selected Meet Future for its mycoprotein whole cuts, both of which are considered the second wave of plant-based alternatives. Next-gen whole cuts …


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ScaleUp Bio to Open Two Precision Fermentation Facilities for Global Startups

Recently launched Singaporean solutions provider ScaleUp Bio has announced that it will be opening two dedicated precision fermentation facilities for global food tech startups. According to ScaleUp, there are few food–grade laboratory facilities available, with most catering to the pharmaceutical or biofuel industries. Since opening a pilot plant is financially out of reach for many startups, facilities such as ScaleUp’s could provide a solution. About the facilities The first facility …


Cultivated meat in Australiav George Peppou, CEO, Matt Kean, NSW Treasurer, Tim Noakesmith, Cofounder

Vow's CEO George Peppou (left) Matt Kean, NSW Treasurer, and Tim Noakesmith, Vow's co-founder (right) © Vow

Vow Says it Has Opened the Largest Cultivated Meat Facility in the Southern Hemisphere

Vow announces it has officially opened its Factory 1 in the presence of the New South Wales Treasurer and Energy Minister Matt Kean. The Australian cultivated meat startup states this is the largest cultivated facility both in Australia and the entire Southern Hemisphere. Vow claims that Factory 1 can produce 30 tonnes of meat annually and that this makes it the largest of its kind in the entire hemisphere. The …


Omeat Cultivated Meat Founder and CEO

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Meet Omeat: A Cultivated Beef Startup Making Meat “A Force for Good”

From UPSIDE Foods’ record-setting $400M Series C funding, to SCiFi Food’s breakthrough in scaling beef, 2022 is proving to be a banner year in cultivated meat research and innovation. Now, Omeat, a new cultivated meat startup in Los Angeles, is promising to bring its own brand of high-powered tissue engineering and biomedical expertise to develop a scalable approach to cultured meat.  “Meat done right” Founded by world-renowned tissue engineer and …


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Mexico’s First Cultured Meat Startup ‘Micro Meat’ Selected for Newchip Accelerator

Micro Meat, a startup funded by Y Combinator in the summer of 2021 and the first startup of its kind from Mexico, announces it has been accepted into Newchip’s renowned global accelerator program. Micro Meat is a “platform that helps businesses grow and thrive by providing them with the resources they need to produce cultivated meat,” co-founded by Anne-Sophie Mertgen, a tissue engineer, and Vincent Pribble, an ex-NASA and Blue …