Cell scaffolding at NUS

© National University of Singapore

A Deep Dive into the Role of 3D Scaffolds as the Building Blocks for Cultivated Meat

In addition to scaling and cost hurdles, cultivated meat production faces the unique challenge of developing final products that meet the consumer’s expectations of conventional animal-based meat, including larger pieces akin to whole cuts. However, most prototypes are made from ground meat and do not look exactly like whole cuts. Why is this the case? 3D scaffolds Companies in the space are experimenting with 3D structures or scaffolds to recreate …


Quest Meat

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Quest’s First Tasting for Microcarrier Replacements for Cultivated Meat Reveals Promising Results

Quest Meat, a UK-based B2B company specializing in high-quality cell lines and ingredients for the cell-based industry, has developed edible and food-safe microcarrier replacements —  the most promising method for scaling up the production of cultivated meat, according to the company. Recently, the team at Quest Meat conducted a microcarrier cooking test and tasting to see how they behaved in a food product. The material was blended only with rapeseed oil, shaped like …


Cultivated ingredients producer Simple Planet

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Simple Planet Raises $6M for Cultivated Ingredients in Oversubscribed Funding Round

South Korea-based Simple Planet, a producer of cultivated ingredients, has raised $6 million in an oversubscribed pre-series A round. Participants included POSCO CAPITAL, DCP Private Equity, EASY Holdings, Hyundai Venture Investment, and more. A previous $1.5 million investment led by Pulmuone takes Simple Planet’s total funding to $7.5 million, which is particularly impressive in light of the challenging investment climate. Some of the funding will be used to build a …


Cellva ingredients secures R$6.5 million to cultivated pork fat

© Cellva Ingredients

Brazil’s Cellva Raises R$6.5 Million to Develop Cultivated Pork Fat

Cellva Ingredients, the first startup in Brazil to develop and produce cultivated animal ingredients, starting with pork fat, has raised R$6.5 million in its first financial round.  Seed4SCience from Fundepar led the round with the participation of ProVeg Incubator, the Spanish fund Rumbo Ventures, and the Rio Grande do Sul angel investor network EA Angels. Cellva expects to close the round by March 2024, aiming to raise R$10 million. The startup …


Ayana Bio and Wooree Green Science sign joint development agreement to make plant cell-derived ingredients for health and wellness products.

© Ayana Bio

Ayana Bio and Wooree Green Science Partner to Produce Agriculture-Free Saffron

Boston-based Ayana Bio, a spinoff from Ginkgo Bioworks, and Wooree Green Science, a biotech from South Korea developing functional ingredients, announce a partnership to develop sustainable ingredients for health and wellness products for the South Korean market.  Under a joint development agreement, the companies will produce agriculture-free saffron using plant-cell technology to make it more affordable for plant-based weight loss supplements. Using this novel method, the companies aim to address supply chain …


Cultivated meatballs

Image credit: Omeat

Market for Cultivated Meat Ingredients to See “Transformative Shift” in the Coming Years

According to a report by ResearchandMarkets, the global market for cultivated meat ingredients will see significant expansion over the next five years as the emphasis on sustainable proteins continues to increase. The market is said to be undergoing a “transformative shift”, as the food tech industry expands and advancements are made in cell engineering. New techniques to efficiently isolate and proliferate animal cells, along with improved bioreactors, will ensure that …


Cultivated Biosciences, a Swiss biotech startup creating fats from yeast fermentation, has presented its first proof-of-concept, a dairy-free coffee creamer.

© Cultivated Biociences

Cultivated Biosciences Crafts Dairy-Free Coffee Creamer Using Yeast-Based Fat

Cultivated Biosciences, a Swiss biotech startup creating fats from yeast fermentation, has developed its first proof-of-concept, a dairy-free coffee creamer. The innovative prototype, made with the biotech’s yeast-based fat, is said to match the performance of dairy creamers, challenging commercially available plant-based alternatives: it is white like milk and tastes just like a regular American commercial creamer. In addition, it blends without flaking (flocculation) despite not containing binders and additives, making …


Nourish Ingredients has unveiled Tastilux, a new animal-free fat

Image courtesy of Nourish Ingredients

Nourish Ingredients Unveils New Animal-Free Fat in Plant-Based Chicken with Edible Bones

Australian food tech company Nourish Ingredients has unveiled Tastilux, a new animal-free fat that the company claims can address the challenges of taste, nutrition, and consumer adoption in the plant-based meat market. To demonstrate the potential of the new ingredient, the company’s head of culinary innovation crafted a realistic, plant-based chicken wing featuring edible calcium-based bones that was presented at the SXSW event in Sydney, Australia.  “Attendees can experience the authentic flavor, juicy …


Plant-Based Po-Boy Sandwich by Pearlita


7 Game-Changing Startups Putting North Carolina on the Innovation Map

Continuing our series on emerging hot-spots in alt protein, we turn to North Carolina, The Tar Heel State – a place better known for its scenic countryside and traditional BBQ than cutting-edge food tech. But North Carolina’s world-class research facilities, low taxes, and pro-tech economy have attracted some of the world’s most innovative animal-free companies looking to disrupt a wide range of industries. From cultivated oysters and filet mignon to …


MicroHarvest co-founders

MicroHarvest co-founders (from L to R) Luísa Cruz, Katelijne Bekers, and Jonathan Roberz. Image courtesy of MicroHarvest

MicroHarvest Wins BloombergNEF Pioneer Prize, Aims to Become Champion of Future Protein

MicroHarvest, a biotech company leveraging fermentation to develop novel protein ingredients, has been awarded the 2023 BloombergNEF (BNEF) Pioneers challenge whose task is to provide solutions that can accelerate global decarbonization and halt climate change The Hamburg- and-Lisbon-based company impressed a panel of expert judges with its novel, scalable, competitive, and sustainable protein ingredient for feed, pet food, or human food products. The startup was recognized as the only European …