Bored Cow's milk original flavor

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Bored Cow Celebrates Major Expansion as Animal-Free Milk Reaches All 50 US States

Tomorrow Farms‘ consumer brand, Bored Cow, has reached a significant milestone in its national expansion: its animal-free milk range — Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Original — has launched in 2000+ additional stores and is now available in all 50 US states.  The expansion includes the introduction of a new 11-oz format for the Original flavor and new 4-pack mini cartons. Recently, Bored Cow added a range of animal-free yogurts in …


Strive FREEMILK Whole, an alternative milk crafted with Perfect Day's whey protein, has launched in partnership with Florida coffee roasters Oceana Coffee at the 2024 Miami Open.

Image courtesy of Strive FREEMILK

Strive Milk is Served at the Miami Open, Becoming First Animal-Free Milk at Major Sporting Event

Strive FREEMILK Whole, an alternative milk crafted with Perfect Day‘s sustainable whey protein, is being served in partnership with Florida coffee roasters Oceana Coffee at the 2024 Miami Open. This launch represents the first animal-free milk made with precision fermentation protein served at a major sporting event, marking a huge milestone for the alt dairy category, gaining mainstream visibility and recognition beyond just being available online or in stores. Strive …


Two Opalia product mockups

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Opalia Receives Investment from Dairy Supplier Hoogwegt Group for “Cow-Free” Cell-Based Milk

Opalia, previously BetterMilk, reportedly the only company developing cell-based milk in Canada, has secured CAD$2 million to accelerate the development of its first milk product and establish a commercial strategy. The financial round was led by the Netherlands-based Hoogwegt Group, the world’s largest independent supplier of dairy products and ingredients, operating since 1965 and with a presence in over 130 countries. Other investors including Ahimsa Foundation, Box One Ventures, Cycle Momentum, Kale United, …


Dr. Svenja-Dannewitz (L) and Dr. Philipp-Prosseda, founders of Senara

Image courtesy of Senara

Senara Unveils Cell-Cultivated Milk Technology to Produce “Real Milk” Without Cows

“By 2028, we believe that cell-cultivated milk will be a standard option on supermarket shelves,” says Senara, a young biotech startup from Germany that recently came out of stealth, unveiling a technology to produce milk using cells. Founded in Freiburg in 2022 by Dr. Svenja Dannewitz and Dr. Philipp-Prosseda, along with a team of scientists, Senara, which operates at pilot scale, claims it has developed a platform that can cultivate …


Rich Dillon, CEO Ivy Farm

Rich Dillon, image supplied by Ivy Farm

Ivy Farm Technologies: “Fighting Climate Change with Cultivated Meat is a Global Opportunity”

Rich Dillon is the CEO of Ivy Farm Technologies, a leading cultivated meat company based in Oxford, UK. Ivy Farm describes itself as a “disruptive food-tech startup on a mission to create real meat in a radically more sustainable way and to tackle one of the world’s biggest climate polluters – industrial agriculture”. Continuously making waves since its foundation in 2019, Ivy Farm’s technology was developed by PhD engineers at …


Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods

Revo Foods CEO Robin Simsa, image supplied

Revo Foods: “3D Extrusion Technology is Not a Far-Fetched Dream, But a Reality That You Can Already Buy in Supermarkets”

When we last spoke with Revo Foods just a year ago, CEO Robin Simsa boldly stated that, in five years, “Revo will be the leading provider of plant-based seafood in the world”. Since then, the young Austrian team has famously gone on to launch its mycoprotein-based salmon filet into REWE’s flagship vegan superstore, the 200-metre square Billa Pflanzilla, marking the first-ever 3D-printed product to be available in supermarkets worldwide and …


QL AG animal-free dairy


QL AG Partners with Ginkgo Bioworks to Develop Fermentation-Based Dairy Proteins

Swiss-based QL AG, a food technology firm with a mission to “feed the world, skip the cow, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” has unveiled a strategic partnership with Ginkgo Bioworks, a cell programming and biotech company, to introduce fermentation-based dairy proteins that are on par with traditional options in terms of nutritional value. QL AG, known for its innovative biotechnological solutions, seeks to leverage Ginkgo Bioworks’ proficiency in strain engineering …


New Culture team shot

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New Culture: “With Our Groundbreaking Science, Any Cheese is Possible and Can Be Made Completely Animal-Free”

Californian animal-free cheese producer New Culture revealed an impressive milestone last month, significantly upscaling its precision fermentation platform, managing to successfully produce enough animal-free casein in a single run to make enough vegan mozzarella for 25,000 pizzas. Since our last interview back in 2019, the startup has received backing from Kraft Heinz, ADM, and biotech giant CJ CheilJedang, for its innovative platform. It was time to catch up with CEO …


Animal-free milk products by Bon Vivant

© Bon Vivant

Study: Animal-Free Milk Generates 96% Fewer Emissions Than Dairy

A life-cycle assessment (LCA) has concluded that Bon Vivant‘s animal-free milk uses significantly fewer natural resources than cow’s milk and has a much smaller environmental footprint. The milk is made with animal-free whey and casein, which are produced using precision fermentation. The LCA, performed by an independent third party, compared one liter of animal-free milk made with Bon Vivant’s whey to an equivalent amount of dairy milk that had the …



Amy Chen © UPSIDE Foods

UPSIDE Foods: “We’ve Proven Cultivated Meat is Safe, Delicious, and Something Consumers Want”

Last November, UPSIDE Foods made history when it became one of the first two cultivated meat companies to have a product greenlit by the FDA. Since then, the company has reached several more milestones, with its cultivated chicken receiving USDA label approval this June and gaining final regulatory approval to be sold in the US a week later. UPSIDE’s first sale — believed to be the first ever for cultivated …