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Report Identifies 5 Disruptive Technologies to Shake Up Fermentation Industry

Following a comprehensive review of the fermentation sector, Lever VC, a leading venture capital firm specializing in alternative protein investments, announces the release of its latest report highlighting the top technologies that could advance the production of fermented food and ingredients. Lever VC argues that despite notable advancements in CRISPR gene editing, AI and machine learning for bioinformatics systems, and high-throughput screening technologies, challenges remain in scaling up biological processes and …


SuperMeat's chicken cell line process meets Kosher meat Mehadrin standards

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New GFI Report Reveals Current Trends in Cultivated Meat Production & Scaling

The Good Food Institute has released a new report, Trends in Cultivated Meat Scale-Up and Bioprocessing, that provides valuable insights into the production of cultivated meat. The report summarizes the findings of a comprehensive 2023 survey of 30 cultivated meat companies and equipment providers, which was conducted to uncover trends in equipment and material usage, production facilities, food safety, and scaling strategies. The following are the key findings of GFI’s survey. The complete report …


Future of Foods interview Laine Clark

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Future of Foods Podcast: Laine Clark, Corporate Engagement Manager at the Good Food Institute

Alex Crisp of the Future of Foods podcast here interviews Laine Clark, Innovation and Corporate Engagement Manager at the Good Food Institute about trends in investments across the different sectors of alt protein including precision fermentation, plant-based, and cultivated meat. Laine sees a positive future for the sector, believing that for the sake of the future, “it has to succeed”. She stresses that alternative proteins are a nascent industry, and …


A cultivated chicken product

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Cultivated Meat Struggles to Gain Traction Among Consumers, Survey Finds

A recent Statista Consumer Insights survey has revealed that cultivated meat still struggles to gain widespread acceptance among consumers worldwide.  The survey, which included 2,000 to 10,000 adults aged 18 to 64 per country from January to December 2023, shows a varying willingness to try cultivated meat. According to the findings, in India, for example, one in five respondents expressed interest in trying cultivated meat, while only 9% of those surveyed …


Cultivated meatballs

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Market for Cultivated Meat Ingredients to See “Transformative Shift” in the Coming Years

According to a report by ResearchandMarkets, the global market for cultivated meat ingredients will see significant expansion over the next five years as the emphasis on sustainable proteins continues to increase. The market is said to be undergoing a “transformative shift”, as the food tech industry expands and advancements are made in cell engineering. New techniques to efficiently isolate and proliferate animal cells, along with improved bioreactors, will ensure that …


QL AG animal-free dairy


Fermentation Enabled Alternative Protein Market to Grow With 14% CAGR

According to a new report by InsightAce Analytic, the global fermentation enabled alternative protein market is projected to grow with a significant CAGR of 14% over the forecast period 2023-2031. The market was valued at $370.39 million last year, and will grow to reach over $1.19 billion by 2031. The report includes companies using traditional, biomass, and precision fermentation techniques, which involve using microorganisms such as algae, yeast, and fungi …


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Alt Protein Revolution in South Korea: Plant-Based Thrives & Cultivated Meat Receives Huge Investment

South Korea continues at the forefront of alt food developments as interest in alternatives to animal products soars. Several factors have been credited, including growing sustainability and food security concerns As reported by Korea JoongAng Daily today, Nongshim, the largest instant noodle and snack company in South Korea, has revealed plans to invest $7.4 million in venture funds to support food tech startups developing cultivated meat and smart farms. Nongshim believes cultivated …


cultivated fish range

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Southeast Asian Cultivated Meat Market Could See Significant Growth

The cultivated meat market in southeast Asia could be poised for rapid growth, according to Singapore-based cultivated seafood company Umami Meats. Co-founder and CEO Mihir Pershad told New Straits Times that growing sustainability concerns and the increased demands being placed on traditional agricultural systems were driving demand for alternatives. The pandemic has also helped to increase awareness of food security issues. Mihir specifically mentions Malaysia as a potential market for …


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Market for 3D-Printed Food to Grow With 49.9% CAGR, Reaching Value of $872.4M

A report by Vantage Market Research has found that the global market for 3D-printed food will grow with a CAGR of 49.9% through to 2028. This will take its total value to $872.4 million. 3D food printing makes it possible to produce meat and seafood alternatives, along with other products such as dough, using computer-controlled printing devices. The market is being driven by increasing demand for customized foods, along with …


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GFI: Majority of Alt-Protein Investors Remain Optimistic About Industry’s Long-Term Growth

The Good Food Institute (GFI) has released a new analysis showing that, despite challenging macroeconomic and market conditions, investment interest in the alternative proteins sector remains strong, with 99% of investors surveyed showing optimism for its long-term potential.  Observing the rapid growth of alt-protein investments in the past decade, which has doubled YOY and now totals about $14.2Bn globally, GFI noted the marked slowdown and deceleration of investments last year, …