TIME GreenTech Companies 2024


TIME’s Top GreenTech Companies of 2024 Recognizes The Better Meat Co., Rebellyous Foods, Prime Roots & More

TIME Magazine together with Statista, a leading statistics portal, recently unveiled America’s Top GreenTech Companies in 2024, recognizing 250 firms leading the charge in sustainability and environmental stewardship. Among these, FoodTech companies have a notable presence, with a total of 19 making the list, showcasing their pivotal role in advancing green technologies within the food industry. This high profile list is the result of an in-depth analysis aimed at identifying …


A 3D printer lays down used coffee grounds to make a flower pot

© University of Colorado / Michael Rivera

3D Printing with Used Coffee Grounds to Reduce Waste & Help Eliminate Plastic

In a novel initiative led by Michael Rivera, an Assistant Professor at the ATLAS Institute and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, researchers are working on leveraging coffee grounds to reduce waste in 3D printing. Rivera and his team have devised a method for 3D printing various objects using a paste comprising recycled coffee grounds, water, and other sustainable components. The project is perceived as …


microbial protein Formo cheese gratin

© Formo

Food Tech Leaders Launch Food Fermentation Europe to Bring Sustainable Animal-Free Foods to EU Market

A group of leading players in precision fermentation announce they have come together to form Food Fermentation Europe (FFE), a new alliance working to create a more resilient and sustainable food system in Europe. Representing the region’s fermentation food and food ingredient sector, along with its surrounding ecosystem, FFE says it will work with regulators to bring more sustainable animal-free foods to the European market.  FFE’s founding members include Better …


SCiFi Foods Cultured Beef Burger

©SCiFi Foods

SCiFi Foods Says First Sustainability Study of Cultivated Beef Proves Climate Benefits

Cultivated beef startup SCiFi Foods announces it has conducted the first-ever Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of cultivated beef products. According to SCiFi, the study, which was conducted by Ohio State University, substantially proves that cultivated beef benefits the climate more than traditional beef. The study has been published in Sustainability, a peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal. For the LCA environmental impact study, researchers looked at a SCiFi burger consisting of cultivated …


Orbillion cultivated beef


Orbillion Bio Partners with Solar Biotech to Scale Cultivated Wagyu Beef for US Market

Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio announces it is partnering with Solar Biotech, a leader in SynBio bioprocessing, to further develop and scale production of premium cultivated Wagyu beef for US consumers. The partners plan to scale to 20,000L bioreactors, which will be capable of producing over 4 million pounds of meat every year. According to Orbillion, the strategic partnership reinforces their commitment to achieve price parity with conventional meat by …


Unilever Dairy Proteins


Unilever May Launch Its First Animal-Free Dairy Ice Cream in 2023

Multinational food giant Unilever reveals it is currently using precision fermentation techniques to develop its first animal-free dairy ice cream. The company might launch its first precision-fermented ice cream product sometime next year, reports Bloomberg.  Unilever is the world’s largest ice cream manufacturer and owns top-selling brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Magnum, and Klondike.  Andy Sztehlo, Unilever’s head of research and development, says the company is working with several …


Wild Earth Cell-Based Meat Broth

©Wild Earth

Wild Earth Develops ‘First-Ever’ Cell-Based Chicken Broth For Pet Food Market

Sustainable pet food company Wild Earth announces it has developed a cell-based meat broth topper for dogs, which will launch to consumers in 2023. According to the company, the broth is the world’s first cell-based meat product to debut on the pet food retail market.  Created in Wild Earth’s labs in Berkeley, CA, the chicken broth is made with the company’s proprietary technology and joins its current line of high-protein …


BAIA Honey Panna Cotta

©BAIA/ MeliBio

MeliBio Partners with San Francisco’s BAIA to Debut Exclusive Bee-Free Honey Menu

MeliBio, a startup making real honey without bees, announces its groundbreaking honey is now available at San Francisco’s BAIA restaurant for a limited time. From July to September, guests at BAIA can order the startup’s award-winning honey in two exclusive summertime dishes. The new collaboration comes ahead of MeliBio’s official launch at select US restaurants later this year.  BAIA will feature the honey, which MeliBio says is indistinguishable in taste …


Umaro Foods Bacon in Pan

©Umaro Foods

New Report Says Alt Protein is On Track to Shape Multi-Trillion Dollar Food Market

A new report by consultancy firm Bain & Company and capital fund ZINTINUS says the “transformation of the world’s food market towards a more sustainable model is now at a tipping point, within an annual global food market of US $8 trillion.” Sustainability will define the future food supply, and the report identifies alternative proteins as a key trend to help the sector improve consumers’ health while reducing food waste …


Unilever scientist lab

© Unilever

Unilever Launches $120M Biotech Venture for Palm Oil & Fossil Fuel Alternative 

Multinational consumer goods company Unilever is partnering with San Diego-based biotech Geno to commercialize plant-based alternatives to palm oil and fossil fuels. Jointly investing $120 million in the new venture, Geno will use its proprietary fermentation process to create alternatives to the unsustainable feedstocks in the home care and beauty sectors.  As the largest soap producer in the world, Unilever is making its biggest investment in biotechnology to date in …