Australian cultivated meat company Vow announces that it has secured regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to produce and sell its first product, cultivated quail.

Vow's cultivated quail product, Image courtesy of Vow

Vow Receives Regulatory Approval to Launch “World-First” Cultivated Quail Product in Singapore

Australian cultivated meat company Vow announces that it has secured regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to produce and sell the world’s first cultivated quail product.  Vow’s product originates from cells of the rare Japanese quail, Coturnix japonica, grown without animal-derived serum and antibiotics to provide a slaughter-free alternative. The Australian pioneer claims it is the only company globally that is currently offering a product free from the …


The Protein Brewery's flagship mycelium ingredient has received novel food approval in Singapore.

© The Protein Brewery

The Protein Brewery Receives Novel Food Regulatory Approval for Mycelium Protein in Singapore

Dutch fermentation specialist The Protein Brewery announces it has received regulatory approval from the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) for its flagship mycelium-derived ingredient Fermotein. The approval will enable the company to import, manufacture, and sell Fermotien or products containing it while expanding its operations in the country. Singapore has emerged as a hub for alternative proteins since the SFA set ambitious targets to produce 30% of the nation’s nutritional needs …


A cultivated meat burger

Image courtesy of Ivy Farm

The UK’s Food Standards Agency Agrees on Reforms to Streamline Approval Process for Novel Foods

The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) is set to modernise its regulatory procedure for cultivated meat and precision fermentation-derived foods to remove unnecessary delays in bringing these products to market.  At a recent board meeting, the FSA agreed upon new reforms that will apply to ‘regulated products,’ which include different food and feed products such as flavorings, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and novel foods (foods that have no history of …


Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA) announces the release of a pioneering Regulation Resource Hub to help cell ag companies streamline their food safety application process for novel foods.

© Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA)

Cellular Agriculture Australia Unveils New Resources to Help Companies Streamline Food Safety Applications

Nonprofit organisation Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA) announces the release of its new Regulation Resource Hub, created to help cell ag companies streamline their food safety application process for novel foods and gene technology in Australia and New Zealand.  CAA’s new pay-to-access tool includes tailored online learning materials, dossier templates, and step-by-step guidance on Australia’s food safety regulation framework. While the Australian regulatory framework is well-equipped to approve novel foods, there is a …


The Cultivated B. facility

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The Cultivated B. Enters Pre-Submission Phase for Approval of Cultivated Meat in Europe

The Cultivated B — the cultivated meat subsidiary of Germany’s second-largest animal-based sausage manufacturer Infamily Foods — states it has entered the pre-submission phase of regulatory approval for the sale of hybrid cultivated meat products in Europe. The company explains that it has entered the initial stage, which is an official EFSA process requested at least six months in advance of the official submission. After the application is submitted, TCB …


GOOD Meat menu says HISTORY MADE

© Eat Just

Eat Just’s GOOD Meat Division Receives Full Approval in the US for Cultivated Meat, Prepares for Foodservice Launch 

GOOD Meat, the cultivated meat division of California foodtech Eat Just, Inc., announces it has today received final approval from the USDA for the sale of its cultivated chicken to American consumers. GOOD Meat’s final stage of approval was seemingly granted at the same time as that of UPSIDE Foods today, 21st June. Eat Just states that production is already underway for the first batch of cultivated chicken that will be sold to …


Remilk to receive Israel's first marketing approval for a cell ag protein

© Remilk

Remilk to Receive Israel’s First Market Approval For a Cell Ag Protein

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday that an Israeli food tech startup was about to receive the green light to produce animal-free milk proteins, reports The Times of Israel. The PM did not name which food tech company would receive Israel’s first market approval for a cellular agriculture protein in the coming days. However, Tech12 reported Remilk as the permit receiver. Founded in 2019, Remilk has raised over $120 million …


Cultivated chicken FDA approval

© GOOD Meat

In Historic Milestone, GOOD Meat Receives US Regulatory Approval for Cultivated Chicken

In a historic milestone, cultivated meat startup GOOD Meat, a subsidiary of Eat Just, announces it has received a No Questions letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as part of the agency’s pre-market review process. The decision marks the first time a cultivated meat product has received regulatory approval on multiple continents, as GOOD Meat’s cultivated chicken previously received approval in Singapore.  The move comes just months …


steakholder foods banner for patent approval

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Steakholder Foods Receives Patent Approval for Cultivated Meat Whole Cut Tech in Canada

3D-printed cultivated meat company Steakholder Foods (Nasdaq: STKH) announces it has received approval in Canada for its patent on Physical Manipulation of Cultured Muscle Tissue, a key technology to produce and bring cultivated meat whole cuts to markets. Already approved in the US, Australia, and New Zealand, the patent covers systems and methods for applying external forces to muscle tissue to develop high-quality complex structured meat. A game-changing technology Steakholder Foods …


UPSIDE Foods FDA greenlight

© UPSIDE Foods

FDA’s Approval of Cultivated Meat: Industry Leaders Respond

Following this week’s groundbreaking news of UPSIDE Food receiving GRAS status for its cultivated chicken, marking the first time in the world that the FDA has given the green light to a cultivated meat product, industry leaders from the GFI, Stray Dog Capital, BioTech Foods, and Synthesis Capital here provide commentary on the significance of this historic development.   To recap: UPSIDE Foods has now successfully completed the FDA’s rigorous …