Doug Grant, CEO of Atlantic Fish Co

CEO Doug Grant © Atlantic Fish Co

Atlantic Fish Co: “We Want to Have Our Products in Restaurants All Over the United States and Beyond”

Based in North Carolina, Atlantic Fish Co has developed a proprietary technology to cultivate fish cells that can thrive in liquid suspension, focusing on high-performing cell lines of wild-caught species, such as halibut and sea bass, and using genetic engineering technology to grow the cells in bioreactors and providing them with nutrients for growth. Founded in 2020, the Atlantic Fish Co. recently unveiled what it claims is the world’s first …


Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl, CEO & owner, InFamily Foods Holding & co-founder of The Cultivated B

Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl, Co-founder ©The Cultivated B

The Cultivated B: “There Will Be No Sustainable Protein Future Without a Sustainable Business Model”

Dr Wolfgang Kühnl is the managing partner of Germany’s InFamily Foods Holding GmbH & Co. KG. The son of an entrepreneurial family, Dr Kühnl studied food technology and biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich and completed his doctorate at the Chair of Food Process Engineering and Dairy Technology. In 2011, Dr Wolfgang Kühnl joined his parents’ company H. Kemper GmbH & Co. KG, which he has managed as a …


Dr Charli Kruse

Dr Charli Kruse © CellTec Systems

CellTec Systems: “Whether it is Slaughtered or Cultured Meat Will Probably Make No Difference to the Consumer in Terms of Sensory Experience”

The Lübeck-based company CellTec Systems sees itself as the first German full-service provider for industrial cell production. Anyone wanting to get into cellular agriculture can obtain all the building blocks for production here: Cells, nutrient solution, bioreactors, and even training and consultancy services. What makes the company, which is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the University of Lübeck, so special is its 25 years of expertise in cell cultivation. …


Michael Newton of Qorium

Michael Newton. © Qorium

Qorium: “Our Product Creates Consistent, Beautiful, and Easily Workable Leather”

Founded in 2014, Dutch biotech startup Qorium is developing cultivated leather to provide an ethical and sustainable alternative to animal leather with no compromises on performance. The company’s technology enables the development of leather alternatives with consistent quality and adjustable properties. The result is a premium material with dramatically reduced carbon emissions and waste compared to conventional leather. In 2021, Qorium raised €2.6 million to scale up its technology. The …


Megumi Avigail Yoshitomi

Megumi Avigail Yoshitomi © JACA

Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture: “Working to Achieve the Sale of Cultivated Meat in Japan from 2026”

Megumi Avigail Yoshitomi is the Representative Director of the Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture (JACA) and sits on an advisory board for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s strategy to promote the biotechnology industry in Japan. Megumi was recognised by the Forbes Japan 30 Under 30 list in 2020 for her work in the field. The group works with a focus on policy-making in order to bring food products …


Rich Dillon, CEO Ivy Farm

Rich Dillon, image supplied by Ivy Farm

Ivy Farm Technologies: “Fighting Climate Change with Cultivated Meat is a Global Opportunity”

Rich Dillon is the CEO of Ivy Farm Technologies, a leading cultivated meat company based in Oxford, UK. Ivy Farm describes itself as a “disruptive food-tech startup on a mission to create real meat in a radically more sustainable way and to tackle one of the world’s biggest climate polluters – industrial agriculture”. Continuously making waves since its foundation in 2019, Ivy Farm’s technology was developed by PhD engineers at …


New Culture team shot

© New Culture

New Culture: “With Our Groundbreaking Science, Any Cheese is Possible and Can Be Made Completely Animal-Free”

Californian animal-free cheese producer New Culture revealed an impressive milestone last month, significantly upscaling its precision fermentation platform, managing to successfully produce enough animal-free casein in a single run to make enough vegan mozzarella for 25,000 pizzas. Since our last interview back in 2019, the startup has received backing from Kraft Heinz, ADM, and biotech giant CJ CheilJedang, for its innovative platform. It was time to catch up with CEO …



Amy Chen © UPSIDE Foods

UPSIDE Foods: “We’ve Proven Cultivated Meat is Safe, Delicious, and Something Consumers Want”

Last November, UPSIDE Foods made history when it became one of the first two cultivated meat companies to have a product greenlit by the FDA. Since then, the company has reached several more milestones, with its cultivated chicken receiving USDA label approval this June and gaining final regulatory approval to be sold in the US a week later. UPSIDE’s first sale — believed to be the first ever for cultivated …


Krijn de Nood, CEO of Meatable

Krijn de Nood ©Meatable

Meatable: “Our Full Process From Cell to Sausage Currently Only Takes Eight Days”

Netherlands-based cultivated meat company Meatable says, “We love meat. We see it as an essential part of a balanced diet. What we don’t love is industrial farming. It’s bad for the planet.” By way of a solution, Meatable is creating cultivated pork with the familiar bite, texture, and taste of pig meat. And at a surprising rate; the company claims it can cultivate high-quality pork meat in just eight days. …



© RESPECTfarms

RESPECTfarms: “Cultivated Meat is Not Disadvantageous to Agriculture, But Rather a Model for Farms”

RESPECTfarms has the vision of being the first farm in the world to cultivate meat directly from animal cells. The project aims to help all farmers diversify their business models to benefit from the economic, environmental, and social advantages of cultured meat. The idea is to make use of the expertise, networks, and entrepreneurial spirit of farmers, rather than seeking to replace them. This will allow for a fair and …