UPSIDE Foods is hosting a free one-night-only pop-up in Miami to offer cultivated chicken before Florida's cultivated meat ban takes effect on July 1, 2024.

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UPSIDE Foods Hosts Free Cultivated Chicken Tasting Before Florida’s Ban

UPSIDE Foods, the first company to introduce a cultivated meat product in the USA,  announces that it is hosting a free, one-night-only pop-up tasting in Miami, on June 27, starting at 6:30 pm (ET). The event aims to celebrate “freedom of food” and allow Floridians to taste cultivated meat before the ban prohibiting the production and sale of cultivated meat in Florida takes effect on July 1, 2024. At the …


Investments & Finance

Singapore Grants University of Illinois ARCS $14.8M to Launch Precision Fermentation Center

The team led by Professor Yong-Su Jin at the Illinois Advanced Research Center at Singapore (ARCS), an affiliated center of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, has received a five-year, $14.8 million grant from Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF) to establish the Centre for Precision Fermentation and Sustainability (PreFerS). According to the announcement, the research at the new center will focus on microbial cell engineering or precision fermentation to convert readily …


The EVERY Co. has partnered with Canada’s Landish Foods, to launch FERMY, a new line of ready-to-mix protein powders featuring its precision fermentation-derived egg white protein.

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Products & Launches

The EVERY Co. and Landish Unveil FERMY Functional Coffee & Latte Mixes with Fermented Egg Proteins

US biotech The EVERY Co. announces it has partnered with Canada’s Landish Foods, a nutritional wellness products leader in North America, to launch FERMY, a new line of ready-to-mix protein powders for beverages featuring its precision fermentation-derived egg white protein. The new products under the new brand FERMY — Protein Coffee Enhancer and Protein Matcha Latte — offer 8 grams of digestible egg protein, as well as other brain-boosting ingredients …


Fooditive Group unveils a new sustainable alternative to sugar for the US market: Keto-Fructose, a plant-based sweetener derived from upcycled apple and pear byproducts through fermentation.

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Fooditive Unveils Guilt-Free Sweetener Made With Upcycled Apples & Pears for US Market

Dutch plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive Group unveils a new sustainable alternative to sugar for the US market: Keto-Fructose, a low calorie sweetener derived from upcycled apples and pears through fermentation. Fooditive claims that its new sweetener closely mimics the flavor profile of sugar, offering “extraordinary” sweetness, unparalleled taste, functionality, and sustainability, establishing a new standard for sugar alternatives. Keto-Fructose is currently undergoing FDA GRAS assessment. The company states it aims to …


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Future of Foods Podcast: Mark Warner, CEO of Liberation Labs

Alex Crisp, Host of Future of Foods Interviews, talks to Mark Warner CEO of Liberation Labs about building massive capacity for producing ‘hero’ proteins without using animals. Going forward much of our milk and eggs could come from precision fermentation facilities such as those being constructed by Liberation Labs. The Indiana-based biomanufacturing firm says that it “works with biotechnology’s visionaries to commercialize the bioproducts of the future – foods, materials, …


SCiFi Foods Cultivated Beef

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Company News

SCiFi Foods Ceases Operations Amid Funding Challenges

SCiFi Foods, a startup engaged in developing cultivated meat, has ceased operations and initiated the sale of its intellectual property and assets through an advisory firm. The San Leandro, California-based company, originally founded as Artemys Foods in 2019, had rebranded to SCiFi Foods in 2022. The company aimed to produce a hybrid burger combining cultivated beef and plant-based ingredients to reach price parity with conventional beef. The company had raised …


A tray of food for the military

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US Department of Defense Calls for Proposals to Develop Cultivated Meat for Military Rations

The U.S. Department of Defense’s manufacturing innovation institute, BioMADE, has released a call for proposals to develop sustainable food and material solutions for military operations through its Sustainable Logistics for Advanced Manufacturing (SLAM) Project. The project seeks solutions to address the causes or impacts of global climate change, including sustainable food production such as fermented proteins and cultivated meat. According to BioMADE, the proposals must emphasize their technological components and …


The Better Meat Co. announces it has "dramatically" reduced the cost of its flagship ingredient, mycoprotein Rhiza.

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Fungi, Mushrooms & Mycelium

The Better Meat Co. Slashes Mycoprotein Cost, Targeting Price Parity with Beef

California’s The Better Meat Co., a B2B company harnessing biomass fermentation and fungi to make sustainable alternatives to animal proteins, announces it has “dramatically” reduced the cost of its flagship ingredient, mycoprotein Rhiza. The Better Meat Co. (BMC) explains it has achieved 100 successful harvests from its large-scale 9,000 L fermentation system at its Sacramento pilot plant. This large-scale production has significantly reduced the final cost of Rhiza, reaching cost …


Prolific Machines' co-founders.

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Manufacturing & Technology

Prolific Machines Raises $55M to Offer “Never Before Possible Biosolutions” Including Cultivated Meat Whole Cuts

Emeryville-based Prolific Machines, a US company pioneering the use of light as a tool to grow and control cells in biomanufacturing, has announced it has closed a $55 million Series B1 funding round. The new capital will help Prolific Machines scale and commercialize its photo molecular biology platform, which it claims can significantly improve the production and lower the costs of bioproducts, including cultivated meat, nutritional and therapeutic proteins, pharmaceuticals, …


Cultivated meat startup Orbillion Bio has raised venture capital funding to develop further its predictive model or "scale-up algorithm" for cultivated meat.

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Studies & Numbers

Are US Consumers Beginning to Accept Cultivated Meat?

Recent studies tracking US consumer attitudes toward cultivated meat have found a relatively positive outlook for a product yet to be available for mass consumption. A YouGov survey of 9,272 US adults conducted in May 2024 revealed only 50% of the participants preferred to eat animal meat when asked to choose between traditional and lab-grown meat, assuming it was identical to meat. Interestingly, 14% responded that they wouldn’t eat either. …