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Market & Trends

Cultivated Meat Struggles to Gain Traction Among Consumers, Survey Finds

A recent Statista Consumer Insights survey has revealed that cultivated meat still struggles to gain widespread acceptance among consumers worldwide.  The survey, which included 2,000 to 10,000 adults aged 18 to 64 per country from January to December 2023, shows a varying willingness to try cultivated meat. According to the findings, in India, for example, one in five respondents expressed interest in trying cultivated meat, while only 9% of those surveyed …



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Report Analyses Impact of Lab-Based Vs. Food-Based Imagery on Perceptions of Cultivated Meat

A new ProVeg report addresses how the ways in which images in the media have a significant influence on consumer acceptance and perceptions of cultivated meat. Interestingly, 62% of respondents in the UK show an interest in purchasing cultivated meat regardless of the type of images seen. The report, which can be downloaded here, is based on a survey of 750 people in the UK and looks into consumer attitudes …


Mosa Meat Cultivated Burger

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Cultured Meat Law Breakthrough in the Netherlands as Public Samplings Approved

In another step forward for the European cultivated meat industry, the government of the Netherlands has passed a motion to legalize the sampling of cell-cultured meat products. The legal breakthrough could pave the way for cultivated meat to be sold in supermarkets within a few years, according to Dutch manufacturers.  “Cultivated meat deserves a fair chance and that’s why we have to make tastings possible” The motion, proposed by the …


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34% of UK Consumers Willing to Try Cultivated Meat, 60% Would Try Plant-Based

A new study into public acceptance of alternative proteins released today by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) reveals that around a third (34%) of UK consumers are willing to sample cultivated meat, whilst as many as six in ten (60%) are happy to try plant-based proteins. The research was conducted with a representative sample of 1,930 adults aged 16-75 in the UK between 9th – 11th December 2021, commissioned by …


Aleph Farms and The Technion Reveal Worlds First Cultivated Ribeye Steak

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Studies & Numbers

Cell Cultured Meat is Likely to Constitute 40% of Future Meat Consumption

A new piece of research published today May 11 by the journal Foods and led by Keri Szejda, PhD, surveyed a large, representative sample of 2,018 US and 2,034 UK consumers, regarding openness to cell-cultured meat. The results strongly suggest that cell-cultured meat is likely to make up a major part of consumers’ future diets.