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Dr. Clauder’s Introduces the “World’s First” Dog Treats Featuring Calysta’s Air-Based Protein FeedKindPet

German pet food manufacturer Dr. Clauder’s has partnered with microbial protein pioneer Calysta, to launch the world’s first dog treats made with FeedKindPet, an air-based protein ingredient designed for pet nutrition.

FeedKindPet, a vegan protein source, is said to be nutrient-dense, offering a complete amino acid profile for dogs, and is highly digestible while featuring postbiotic properties that help maintain a healthy gut. It has been approved for use in pet food in the EU and has received GRAS status in the USA.

“Dr. Clauder’s Trainee Snack cultivated proteins is a true innovation meeting market demand”

Dr. Clauder’s is a top German brand focused on pet health and nutrition, offering a wide range of high-quality products for dogs and cats. The company is known by pet owners and professionals for its premium pet food and supplements, which are made with quality ingredients to promote the well-being of pets.

Herman Sloot, vice president of commercial development at Calysta, says: “For the first time, Europe’s pet food sector has the option to choose a high-quality source of protein that is nutritious and kind to the environment.”

Alexander Gerards, Managing Partner at Dr. Clauder’s Solutions for Pets, comments: “We are happy that with FeedKind Pet we were able to develop a dog treat that delivers just that: vegetarian, complete amino acid profile and delicious. Dr. Clauder’s Trainee Snack cultivated proteins is a true innovation meeting market demand.”

Calysta "protein without limits"
© Calysta

Land-free proteins

Calysta is a multinational biotechnology company founded in 2012 to develop land-free proteins “without limits.”The company has developed a fermentation platform powered by renewable energy that uses a microbe strain that converts carbon and energy into nutritious, non-GMO protein.

With headquarters in California, USA, the firm has two fermentation facilities: one in Teeside, England, and its first commercial-scale plant in Chongqing, China, which can produce 20,000 tonnes of product annually. According to the company, FeedKindPet protein is already produced at a full commercial scale.

Besides its feed ingredients, the biotech has created an ingredient for food products, Positive Protein, which is said to be a highly nutritious alternative to animal protein. 

Alan Shaw, co-founder and CEO of Calysta, shares, “FeedKind Pet protein is a win-win for both the pet sector and the consumer, offering optimal benefits for pets, owners, and the planet. The first commercial launch of a pet food product in Europe containing FeedKind Pet is an exciting milestone for Calysta.”

Dr. Clauder’s is showcasing its revolutionary air-dried pet treat made with FeedKindPet at the ongoing Interzoo 2024 pet trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany before its official  European launch. Stay tuned for the news.

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