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CellTec Systems: “Whether it is Slaughtered or Cultured Meat Will Probably Make No Difference to the Consumer in Terms of Sensory Experience”

The Lübeck-based company CellTec Systems sees itself as the first German full-service provider for industrial cell production. Anyone wanting to get into cellular agriculture can obtain all the building blocks for production here: Cells, nutrient solution, bioreactors, and even training and consultancy services. What makes the company, which is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the University of Lübeck, so special is its 25 years of expertise in cell cultivation. …


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CellTec Systems Positions Itself as First European System Provider for Industrial Cell Proliferation

CellTec Systems, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute and the University of Lübeck, claims to be the first European system provider for industrial cell propagation. The spin-off’s most important resource is its know-how and patents from two decades of cutting-edge research. The biotechnology company was also a co-organizer of the 11th symposium of the AG Industrial Cell Technology from the industry association BIO Deutschland. Industrial cell propagation Since the availability …