Investment Climate Podcast: Tim Fronzek of Reveals the Secrets to Fundraising Success

In this new podcast series, co-produced by vegconomist, Alex Shandrovksy interviews investors about benchmarks for funding alt proteins in 2024 and uncovers the investment playbooks of successful Climate Tech CEOs and Leading VCs.

Podcast Host Alex Shandrovksy is a strategic advisor to numerous global food tech accelerators and companies, including leaders in alternative proteins and cellular agriculture. His focus is on investor relations and post-raise scale for agrifood tech companies.

Episode 01: Tim Fronzek, Nosh bio’s fundraising playbook

In this first episode, Alex talks to Tim Fronzek from to unlock the secrets to weathering the storm of fundraising in a tumultuous investment climate. As our esteemed guest, he unveils the narrative of his company’s gripping quest for seed funding against a backdrop of spiraling interest rates and a slumping food tech IPO market.

His candid revelations offer an insider’s map to crafting an irresistible equity story that not only draws investors in but aligns them with the vision of creating sustainable, animal-free proteins. In a masterclass of networking finesse, Tim sheds light on the vital role that personal connections and strategic introductions play in the VC world.

He reveals how a meticulously curated hit list of 100 investors and the leverage of industry insiders can swing doors wide open, paving the way for startups to secure that critical investment. Each anecdote and insight shared by Tim functions as a beacon for entrepreneurs navigating the murky waters of fundraising, providing the beacon needed to attract the partners who will champion their groundbreaking ventures.

Key Facts, 

  • Mission: Sustainable Nutrition Made Affordable
  • Total Raised In Last Round: April 2023, 3.2M Euro
  • Investors: EthonAI, Isar Aerospace and Sikoia, Clear Current Capital, Grey Silo Ventures, and Good Seed Ventures.

Alex’s top 3 key findings:

  1. Go out to raise when you have a straightforward equity story. The equity story is how this is an appealing opportunity for investors.
  2. Engage your cap table. Weekly meetings with current investors are critical to securing your round. Ask for introductions regularly and often.
  3. In the first conversation, make sure that you are qualifying the investor. Ask them why they are excited about your space, what made them take the meeting, and why they are a great investor for your company.
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Learn more about in our recent article here, and the company website here.

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