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Doug Grant, CEO of Atlantic Fish Co

CEO Doug Grant © Atlantic Fish Co


Atlantic Fish Co: “We Want to Have Our Products in Restaurants All Over the United States and Beyond”

Based in North Carolina, Atlantic Fish Co has developed a proprietary technology to cultivate fish cells that can thrive in liquid suspension, focusing on high-performing cell lines of wild-caught species, such as halibut and sea bass, and using genetic engineering technology to grow the cells in bioreactors and providing them with nutrients for growth. Founded in 2020, the Atlantic Fish Co. recently unveiled what it claims is the world’s first …


Nosh Biofoods has developed a mycoprotein for clean label meat alternatives

© Nosh Biofoods


Nosh Biofoods’ Mycoprotein for Single Ingredient, Clean-Label Alternatives to Reach Price Parity with Poultry in 2025

Nosh Biofoods, a B2B biomass fermentation startup based in Germany, has developed a unique mycoprotein that allows manufacturers to produce single-ingredient meat and seafood alternatives with a clean label. According to the startup, the new ingredient provides an umami taste with zero aftertaste and neutral color. This allows the production of 100% mycoprotein analogs without any additives or binders, with final products only needing color additives, spices for flavor, and …


ProteinDistillery announces a partnership with the machine manufacturer NETZSCH to advance the purification processes of Prew:tein.

© ProteinDistillery

Company News

ProteinDistillery and NETZSCH Partner to Advance Egg-Like Prew:tein from Upcycled Brewer’s Yeast

The German biotech ProteinDistillery announces a partnership with the machine manufacturer NETZSCH to advance the purification process of Prew:tein — a biomass fermentation-derived protein that delivers functionality akin to egg whites.   ProteinDistillery recently secured €15 million to build an industrial-scale production facility in southern Germany. Claimed as Europe’s first protein-competence center, the plant will be able to produce tons of the vegan protein crafted from upcycled brewer’s yeast. NETZSCH will supply …


MycoTechnology unveils sweet protein that can replace sugar and artificial sweeteners

© Getty Images (supplied by MycoTechnology)


MycoTechnology’s Honey Truffle Sweetener on Track to Revolutionize Sugar Reduction

Mycelial fermentation leader MycoTechnology announces significant progress in scaling production and ensuring the safety of the first-ever honey truffle sweetener.  The new product, made from a sweet protein found in honey truffles discovered only a year ago, is described as a game-changing alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. It has a clean taste profile and is 1000 to 2500 times sweeter than sucrose. Leveraging precision fermentation, MycoTechnology claims to have successfully scaled …


Microalgae based caviar

© GreenCoLab


GreenCoLab Unveils Innovative Microalgae and Seaweed-Based Caviar, Burgers, and Beer

GreenCoLab, a Portuguese non-profit biotech that leverages microalgae and seaweed to create nutraceutical and F&B products, has unveiled three prototypes that will debut at Vitafoods Europe.Vitafoods Europe 2024 The company’s developments include a microalgae-based alternative to sturgeon roe, microalgae artisanal beer, and algae-based burgers. The prototypes feature non-GMO chlorella, tetraselmis, and seaweed, to showcase algae as a sustainable vegan ingredient that can improve the nutritional, functional, and sensory qualities of products. GreenCoLAB …


GFI 2023 State of the Industry Reports

Image by Cultivated X

Studies & Numbers

2023 GFI Reports: Cultivated Meat and Fermentation Industries Growing Despite Drop in Investments

The Good Food Institute has released the 2023 State of the Industry Reports for the alt protein industry. These annual reports provide a global analysis of each sector’s commercial landscape, investments, scientific progress, and government and regulatory developments. The following are the top highlights in cultivated meat and fermentation for 2023, providing an overview of the key developments in these industries. The complete reports can be found here. Cultivated Meat …


Meatable, a Dutch producer of cell-based pork meat, has become the first company to hold an officially approved cultivated meat tasting in the European Union and the first in the Netherlands.

Image courtesy of Meatable © Bart Maat


Meatable Makes History as First Company to Hold a Cultivated Meat Tasting in the EU

Meatable, a Dutch producer of cell-based pork meat, has become the first company to hold an officially approved cultivated meat tasting in the European Union, and the first in the Netherlands. According to the announcement, the company held a private tasting for its cultivated pork sausages at its new headquarters in Leiden after receiving approval for product safety from the third-party committee sanctioned by the Dutch government. Important to note …


Alpine Bio Nobell Foods

© Alpine Bio

Company News

Alpine Bio Introduces Rebrand from Nobell Foods, Secures New Patent in Dairy Alternatives

Alpine Bio, formerly known as Nobell Foods, announces a significant development in its business and technology strategy, revealing a corporate rebranding and the acquisition of a new US patent. The company, which produces animal-free dairy products through molecular farming, is now expanding its technological and market footprint. Nobell Foods has been focused on creating cheeses from plant-derived casein proteins but has shifted its corporate identity to better reflect its broader …


Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl, CEO & owner, InFamily Foods Holding & co-founder of The Cultivated B

Dr. Wolfgang Kühnl, Co-founder ©The Cultivated B


The Cultivated B: “There Will Be No Sustainable Protein Future Without a Sustainable Business Model”

Dr Wolfgang Kühnl is the managing partner of Germany’s InFamily Foods Holding GmbH & Co. KG. The son of an entrepreneurial family, Dr Kühnl studied food technology and biotechnology at the Technical University of Munich and completed his doctorate at the Chair of Food Process Engineering and Dairy Technology. In 2011, Dr Wolfgang Kühnl joined his parents’ company H. Kemper GmbH & Co. KG, which he has managed as a …


Cell scaffolding at NUS

© National University of Singapore


A Deep Dive into the Role of 3D Scaffolds as the Building Blocks for Cultivated Meat

In addition to scaling and cost hurdles, cultivated meat production faces the unique challenge of developing final products that meet the consumer’s expectations of conventional animal-based meat, including larger pieces akin to whole cuts. However, most prototypes are made from ground meat and do not look exactly like whole cuts. Why is this the case? 3D scaffolds Companies in the space are experimenting with 3D structures or scaffolds to recreate …


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