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Dr. Cornelius Lahme of BLUU GmbH

Dr. Cornelius Lahme © BLUU GmbH


Bluu Seafood: “The Technology Behind Cellular Agriculture is Still Too Abstract for Many Consumers. We Have to Take People With Us”

Bluu Seafood specialises in cultured fish. Fish fingers, fish balls and caviar have already been produced from the cells of Atlantic salmon and rainbow trout. The startup emerged from the Lübeck-based Fraunhofer Research Institution for Marine Biotechnology and Cell Technology (EMB), where co-founder Dr Sebastian Rakers was also employed for many years. Together with entrepreneur Simon Fabich, the cell and marine biologist founded Bluu Seafood (then known as Bluu Biosciences). …


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Onego Bio Secures $15.2M for Animal-Free Bio-Identical Egg Protein

US-Finnish precision fermentation company Onego Bio has secured $15.2 million in funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator Program and other Series A investors. This takes the amount raised by the company in 2024 to $55 million, and its total funding to $70.8 million. Onego Bio produces Bioalbumen®, an animal-free bio-identical egg protein manufactured as an industrial food ingredient. Bioalbumen is said to have perfect protein quality, full functionality, …


Simple Planet's cultivated meat

© Simple Planet


Bio Future Food Industry Association Launches in South Korea to Boost the Cultivated Meat Sector

The Bio Future Food Industry Association has launched in South Korea to support and develop the country’s cultivated meat sector. Established under the Korean biotechnology Industry, the new association boasts participation from 32 members, including the cell ag companies Simple Planet, SeaWith, CellQua, and TissenBioFarm and established food giants like Daesang and CJ CheilJedang. The Association plans to serve as a communication channel with relevant government agencies, hold regular seminars, build …


A partnership between the Singapore’s UMAMI Bioworks and the young US company Friends & Family Pet Food Co (FnF) is set to launch one of world's first cultivated fish cat treats brand in Singapore and San Francisco in early 2025.

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Pet Food

UMAMI Bioworks and Friends & Family Pet Food Co. to Launch Cultivated Fish Cat Treats in 2025

A partnership between Singapore’s UMAMI Bioworks, (previously Umami Meats) and the young US company Friends & Family Pet Food Co. (recently part of the ProVeg Incubator’s 12th cohort) is set to launch one of the world’s first cultivated fish cat treats in Singapore and in San Francisco, USA, early next year. The new products, reportedly crafted with high-quality cultivated fish proteins enriched with high-value microalgae and essential nutrients, aimed to …


Meatly's cultivated chicken for pets approved for sale in the UK, first products to hit shelves this year.

Image courtesy of Meatly

Pet Food

Meatly’s Cultivated Chicken for Pets Approved for Sale in the UK, First Products to Hit Shelves This Year

The UK’s Meatly, previously Good Dog Food, announces that it has received regulatory clearance from relevant UK Government departments to produce and sell cultivated meat for pet food, making it the first company in the country to obtain such authorization. The company explains that its cultivated chicken has undergone extensive testing and has been confirmed free from bacteria, viruses, GMOs, antibiotics, harmful pathogens, heavy metals, and other impurities. Its production …


Mycorena's product portfolio

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Company News

Mycorena Files for Bankruptcy, Seeks New Ownership to Continue Pioneering Mycoprotein Ingredients

In a sad turn of events, Sweden’s Mycorena, a producer of mycoprotein, has filed for bankruptcy after facing significant financial challenges. The company says it made considerable efforts to overcome these difficulties, including pausing the construction of a large-scale facility and pivoting to a strategic business model. The mycoprotein pioneer also announced that it aims to restructure under new ownership to preserve and build upon its innovations and market presence. …


Alex Crisp discusses eggs with Maija from Onego Bio

© Future of Foods


Future of Foods Podcast: Maija Itkonen, CEO of Onego Bio Produces Bio-Identical Egg Proteins Without Chickens

Alex Crisp, host of Future of Foods Interviews, talks to Maija Itkonen, CEO and co-founder of Finnish precision fermentation company Onego Bio, about manufacturing real egg white protein, entirely without the use of chickens, which as Maija explains, are the most abused animal in the world. Onego Bio produces Bioalbumen, which the company says is bioidentical ovalbumin, the most important protein in egg white, delivering the nutritional and functional qualities …


Three men eating pizza

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Fooditive Partners With the World’s Largest Mozzarella Cheese Producer to Commercialize its Animal-Free Casein

The Netherlands’ Fooditive Group, a manufacturer of fermented ingredients, announces a partnership with the US dairy company Leprino Foods Company to commercialize its non-animal casein. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Leprino Foods is the world’s largest mozzarella cheese and lactose producer and a leading supplier of whey protein, micellar casein, and sweet whey. Under a long-term licensing agreement, Leprino Foods will have exclusive worldwide rights to produce animal-free casein using Fooditive’s …


Cultivated pork sausages

Image courtesy of Meatable

Studies & Numbers

Survey Finds EU Consumers Support Safe Cultivated Meat, Want the Freedom to Choose

A new survey on attitudes toward cultivated meat in Europe commissioned by the Good Food Institute Europe reveals that people across the continent believe consumers should be able to decide whether to eat or not cultivated meat after EU regulators deem it safe for consumption. The survey carried out by YouGov and touted as one of the largest “of its kind” ever conducted, polled over 16,000 consumers across 15 European countries: …


Rich Dillon, CEO Ivy Farm

Rich Dillon © Ivy Farm


Op Ed: Rich Dillon, CEO, Ivy Farm – What We Need From the New Labour Government

In the UK, a Labour government is now in power for the first time in 14 years. Change is on the horizon in terms of food policy and approvals in the country, which has just recorded its first decrease in meat production in over a decade, and where experts predict a radical dietary shift over the next 30 years. “From lab-grown meat to vertical farming, the future of food is …


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