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Daphna Heffetz, CEO, Wanda Fish

Daphna Heffetz CEO. Image credit Chen Galili


Wanda Fish: “Our Mission is to Supply a Delicious and Healthy Product That Will Also Do Good to Our Planet”

Wanda Fish Technologies is an Israeli food-tech startup producing cultivated fish products. Less than three years after it was founded, the company has just announced the successful development of its first whole-cut cultivated bluefin tuna prototype, toro sashimi. This progress has partly been made possible by Wanda Fish’s collaboration with Tufts University, which began in 2022 with the aim of accelerating the development of cultivated fish. The startup also raised …


(L) Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir, Minister of Education, Industry, and Innovation and Bjarkey Olsen Gunnarsdóttir, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries - Image provided


Icelandic Ministers Taste Ivy Farm’s Cultivated Beef During Iceland Innovation Week

The UK-based cultivated meat company Ivy Farm Technologies and the Icelandic biotechnology company ORF Genetics held a cultivated meat tasting and panel discussions at an event last week during Iceland Innovation Week. The tasting featured cultivated meatballs made with Angus beef cells prepared by Chef Ólafur Örn Ólafsson, owner and chef of the restaurant Brút in Reykjavík. According to the announcement, many stakeholders from the food and technology industries attended the event, including Áslaug Arna …


Vital Meat

© Vital Meat


Vital Meat Seeks Approval to Commercialise Cultivated Chicken in the UK

French cultivated meat company Vital Meat has officially submitted its novel food dossier to the British Food Standards Agency (FSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS) for the approval of its first cell-based meat product, Vital Chicken. This submission initiates an 18 to 24-month review process by food safety experts and scientists in the UK. However, the company is optimistic about its approval due to its non-GMO, antibiotic-free, and animal-component-free process. …


Wanda Fish tuna sashimi

Image credit Noam Preisman


Wanda Fish Unveils its First Cultivated Bluefin Tuna Product: Toro Sashimi

Israeli cultivated seafood startup Wanda Fish announces that it has successfully developed its first cultivated bluefin tuna prototype: toro sashimi. Wanda Fish claims that its whole cut, crafted from the muscle and fat cells of bluefin tuna, offers the same sensory features and a comparable protein and omega-3 fatty acids ratio to the wild fish’s fatty underbelly (called toro in Japanese gastronomy). The company says it enlisted skilled chefs to demonstrate the …


daisy lab's team

© Image courtesy of Daisy Lab


Yeast Instead of Cows: Daisy Lab Obtains EPA Approval to Scale Whey Proteins

New Zealand’s precision fermentation biotech Daisy Lab announces that the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has approved the expansion of its dairy protein platform to 5,000 L. The endorsement follows the successful production of animal-identical whey proteins in 10 L fermenters announced in January. Day Lab states that this approval marks another significant milestone in scaling and commercializing its technology, enabling it to construct a pilot facility.  CSO and co-founder Dr. Nicole Freed highlights …


The UK's Ivy Farm Technologies announces it has signed a manufacturing agreement with Synbio Powerlabs Oy, the Finnish leader in synthetic biology, to produce its cultivated meat products at a large scale.

Image courtesy of Ivy Farm


Ivy Farm Partners with Synbio Powerlabs to Cultivate Meat At “Unprecedented” Scale

UK-based Ivy Farm Technologies announces it has signed a manufacturing agreement with Synbio Powerlabs, a Finnish leader in synthetic biology, to produce its cultivated meat products in large fermenters. According to Synbio Powerlabs, cultivated meat will be produced on an unprecedented scale in Finland. The Finnish firm is converting a sizeable food-grade facility into a fermentation hub supported by a €2.99 million grant from the Finnish government. Expected to be operational …


Dominic Jeong, CEO of Simple Planet.

CEO Dominic Jeong © Image courtesy of Simple Planet

Company News

Simple Planet to Develop Cell Ag Technologies Under South Korea’s National Project for Food Tech

Cultivated meat ingredients developer Simple Planet announces that it has been selected to participate in an ₩11 billion national project launched by South Korea’s government to expand the food tech industry. The national project involves various individual projects led by different governmental institutions, including the Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology in Food, Agriculture and Forestry (IPET), the Korea Agriculture Technology Promotion Agency (KOAT), and the Korea Institute of Marine Science …


The Vegetarian Butcher X EVERY Company

© The Vegetarian Butcher


The Vegetarian Butcher to Veganize Products With The EVERY Co.’s Animal-Free Egg Whites

The Vegetarian Butcher, part of Unilever, is partnering with The EVERY Company to enhance the texture and nutritional profile of its plant-based meat alternatives using The EVERY Company’s EVERY EggWhite. This proprietary ingredient, derived from precision fermentation, mimics the binding properties of conventional eggs without involving any animal components. Formerly known as Clara Foods, EVERY has pioneered the development of animal-free egg products through a fermentation process that utilizes yeast …


GOOD Meat in retail

© GOOD Meat


GOOD Meat Annouces the World’s First Retail Sales of Cultivated Meat

US cultivated meat company GOOD Meat announces the retail launch of a new product, GOOD Meat 3, at the frozen section of the premium meats specialist Huber’s Butchery in Singapore.  GOOD Meat has been producing and selling its chicken in the city-state, by releasing limited quantities in fine dining establishments, food delivery apps, hawker stalls, and the Bistro of Huber’s Butchery (throughout 2023). However, for the first time since its …


Lorenz Wyss-CEO of the Bell Food Group

© Bell Food Group


Bell Food Group CEO Expects Cultivated Meat Burgers to Hit Swiss Restaurants in 3 Years

Lorenz Wyss, the outgoing CEO of the Swiss meat and convenience food giant Bell Food Group foresees that cultivated burgers will be available in Switzerland in three years. In an interview published on Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ), Wyss predicts that the products will be available first in restaurants rather than in supermarkets; but the burgers could initially contain only cultivated fat. “It is possible that at the beginning you will only cultivate individual …


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