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Cultivated Fish Producer Avant Meats Gets Funding From Major Seafood Co

Hong Kong: Cultured fish producer Avant Meats announces that VHC, the world’s largest pangasius fish company, will establish a strategic partnership with Avant to accelerate commercialization of cultivated fish protein.

Avant is the first cultivated meat biotechnology company in China. Its patent-pending proprietary technology platform produces animal-free fish proteins for various applications ranging from food to skincare. Avant was named Clean Tech Group’s 2020 APAC 25 list of most innovative sustainable companies and featured in Forbes, The Telegraph, and the South China Morning Post.

“VHC is a global leader in aquaculture and functional proteins,” said Carrie Chan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Avant. “VHC’s knowledge of customer requirements will  provide valuable guidance for our product development and commercialization.”  

Avant Meats
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We look forward to working with Avant to commercialize a new generation of cultivated fish proteins for food and functional applications,” said Ms Khanh Truong, Founder and Chairwoman, VHC.  

“Avant offers a unique opportunity for us to diversify our future product portfolio to offer additional choices to address emerging consumer needs and trends,” noted Ms Tam Nguyen, Chief Executive  Officer, VHC. 

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