Biokraft Foods Partners with ICAR-DCFR for Cultivated Trout Products in India

Indian cultivated meat startup Biokraft Foods has announced a strategic collaboration with ICAR-Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research (DCFR) to create cultivated snow and rainbow trout products — two species that hold significant commercial value in the Indian market.

Through the collaboration, ICAR-DCFR will develop the fish cell lines, and Biokraft Foods will create final products using 3D bioprinting and customized bioinks. 

The ICAR-DCFR is India’s pioneer research institute working toward sustainable development of cold water aquaculture, management, and conservation of hill stream fishes. It operates under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

A fresh water fishery of ICAR-DCFR -
Freshwater fisheries © ICAR-DCFR

Cultivating meat in India

The novel food regulatory body in India, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), is already working to set a regulatory framework for approving cell-based foods, including cultivated meat and seafood.

Other institutions working to diversify protein sources with new technologies include the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, which recently launched a cultivated fish project, and the Department of Biotechnology and the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, which supports cultivated meat research.  

“Snow trout, once abundant in hill streams, now face the threat of extinction due to overfishing. With its listing on the IUCN red list, it’s evident that urgent action is needed to preserve this valuable species. On the other hand, rainbow trout, renowned for its exquisite taste and nutritional value, presents a unique opportunity for cultivated seafood production,” Kamalnayan Tibrewal, founder of Biokraft Foods, shared on social media.

Kamalnayan Tibrewal, the founder of Biokraft Foods
Kamalnayan Tibrewal © Biokraft Foods

Blending science and artistry

Headquartered in Mumbai, BioKraft Foods focuses on developing cultivated chicken using 3D bioprinting, precision engineering, and cellular biology. 

Its patent-pending technology is said to develop products that replicate the structure, texture, flavor, and nutritional profile of chicken meat.

As reported by Better Bioeconomy, BioKraft Foods’ roadmap of developments includes the creation of a viable prototype and cultivated chicken minimum viable product expected by mid-2024. The startup also revealed plans to establish an independent R&D and manufacturing facility by the end of 2025, aiming for a commercial launch by 2026.

The startup was part of ICT-NICE, one of India’s premier incubation centers that supports young entrepreneurs in establishing their companies. Beyond his role at BioKraft, Kamalnayan is the president of the Good Food Institute’s Mumbai Smart Protein Project, where a generation of innovators aims to transform the global food landscape.

“In the heart of Mumbai, a group of visionaries united to revolutionize food. We fabricate meat in labs, blending science and artistry to create sustainable, delicious alternatives. Our journey, filled with breakthroughs and setbacks, garnered a community of believers,” says the company on its website.

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