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In Historic Move, GOOD Meat Signs with ABEC to Produce 30M Pounds of Cultivated Meat Each Year

GOOD Meat, a subsidiary of food tech brand Eat Just, announces it has entered an exclusive seven-year agreement with biotech manufacturer ABEC, Inc. to design, engineer and build the world’s largest known bioreactors for culturing avian and mammalian cells. 

“We’ve learned that consumers want this, and we’re ready to take the next step to make this happen at commercial scale”

GOOD Meat’s large-scale cultivated meat complex will consist of ten 250,000-liter bioreactors and will be located in the US. Once fully operational, it will be capable of producing up to 30 million pounds of cultivated meat, beginning with beef and chicken, which it plans to distribute to customers across the US.

GOOD Meat Chicken Singapore
Cultivated chicken ©Eat Just

Singapore strength

ABEC is also manufacturing bioreactors for GOOD Meat’s headquarters in Alameda, CA (scheduled to be operational in Q4 of 2022) and for one of the brand’s facilities in Singapore (operational in Q1 of 2023). According to GOOD Meat, its Singapore expansion will help meet the demand for the company’s cultivated meat products, which have been sold in the country since December 2020.

The brand’s growth in Singapore is extremely well-timed as the country prepares for a Malaysian chicken export ban beginning June 1. One-third of Singapore’s fresh chicken comes from Malaysia, and restaurants are reportedly desperately seeking alternative suppliers.

Eat Just Cultivated Chicken
©Eat Just

Taking major steps

For the massive US complex, GOOD Meat will finalize site selection in the next three months, and says it is working with the USDA and FDA to build a regulatory pathway to market. The news comes just days after the brand partnered with global ingredients supplier ADM to accelerate production of GOOD Meat’s cultured chicken. 

“Our first step was receiving regulatory approval and launching in Singapore. Our second step has been selling to customers through restaurants, street vendors and delivery platforms. We’ve learned that consumers want this, and we’re ready to take the next step to make this happen at commercial scale. I am very proud to partner with the ABEC team to make this historic facility happen,” said Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just. 

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