Opo Bio Introduces Porcine Cell Range Sourced From New Zealand “High-Health Status” Livestock

Opo Bio, New Zealand’s first company to develop non-GM cell lines for the cultivated meat industry, has launched Opo-Oink, a porcine cell range for cultivated pork production. 

The initial selection of Opo-Oink includes primary cells from pigs, such as satellite cells, pre-adipocytes, and fibroblasts, sourced from local livestock with high-health status.

“At Opo, we believe in ethical standards and traceability. That’s why all our animal donors are raised with utmost care and integrity on our partner farms throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand,” says Opo Bio.

Commercially available cell lines

Opo Bio was founded in July 2022 by Dr. Olivia Ogilvie (CEO), Dr. Laura Domigan (CSO), and Dr. Vaughan Feisst (CTO) to develop primary cells and cell lines, starting with bovine and porcine products.

According to the young startup, commercially available cell lines, the building blocks of cultivated meat, are in short supply, creating a gap in the market and opportunities for cell-line providers.

A microscopic look at bovine muscle cells
Bovine cells © Opo Bio

In 2022, after raising 1.5 million, the company successfully launched its first range of research products. Branded Opo-Moo, the range includes primary bovine satellite cells, pre-adipocytes, and fibroblasts from both Angus and Wagyu breeds.

“We want to accelerate the field by providing primary cells and cell lines for commercial use”

In addition to its range of products, Opo Bio offers various services to support customers in their research and production efforts. These include providing standard protocols and procedures for consistent results, access to technical experts, and accurate tools and resources for optimal cell culture conditions.

With various products available for purchase and licensing, Opo Bio believes it can help companies progress and scale more effectively. Opo Bio’s products are available on the company’s website. 

“We want to accelerate the field by providing primary cells and cell lines for commercial use. Our first product will allow researchers to focus on their big questions rather than spending time isolating cells,” said Ogilvie at the time of the launch of the bovine cell range.

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