revyve: “Our Animal-Free Ingredients Are All-Natural, Helping to Create the Delicious Food Experiences Consumers Crave”

revyve is a foodtech company that is unlocking the full potential of yeast, a timeless natural super ingredient, to produce high-performing texturizing ingredients.

With sustainability as its norm, revyve is on a mission to reinvent the food industry with future-proof ingredients that deliver the delicious food experiences consumers crave. Clean-label revyve products mimic dairy and egg functionality in traditional and plant-based foods.

“The secret to unlocking the perfect texture in food can be as simple and sustainable as upcycling brewer’s yeast. And we can help humanity in the process,” says the Netherlands-based ingredient innovator.

“We are revyving the food industry with sustainable, natural and high-performing ingredients”

We had a quick catch-up with CEO Cedric Verstraeten about the company, its purpose, and impressive capacity: “We will reach a production capacity of 300 tons by the end of this year. That’s equivalent to the capacity of 80,000 egg-laying hens; if used in burgers that’s enough for 75 million burgers!”

Tell us a bit about revyve and its mission.
revyve co-founders Corjan van den Berg and Edgar Suarez Garcia worked together as inspiring professor and student protégé at world-renowned Wageningen University & Research (WUR). While researching how to make the most out of food-production side streams, they discovered the superpowers of upcycled beer yeast to mimic the power of eggs. They teamed up with like-minded pioneers from the food and brewing industries and revyve was born.

Through our cutting-edge technology, we unlock the potential of yeast, an ancient super ingredient, to produce high-performing texturizing solutions. Our animal-free ingredients are all-natural, helping to create the delicious food experiences consumers crave.

We are revyving the food industry with sustainable, natural and high-performing ingredients. Our upcycled yeast requires minimal processing and provides the same functionality as real eggs.

revyve Potato Rings
revyve Potato Rings, image credit Alessa Joseph

What type of customers are you targeting with your natural, animal-free ingredients?
We are targeting food manufacturers who are seeking high-performance texturizing ingredients to make crave-worthy products.

Our upcycled ingredients mimic egg functionality and are easy to add to food applications, from meat and cheese analogues to appetizers and bakery products. We can provide the texturizing functionality that previously only animal ingredients or additives provided – but are planet friendly and clean label.

What are the company’s key milestones and achievements?
revyve has raised over €15 million in funding from major strategic partners in the food industry and we are currently commissioning our new plant, with a production capacity of hundreds of tons, which will be fully operational by Q3-2024.

“We have cracked the code for creating great texture in plant-based and conventional foods”

Furthermore, we successfully scaled our production to industrial level, achieving consistent quality while demonstrating viable production costs. We have proved our products’ functionality and affordability across various product categories. We already work with customers who are planning to launch new products in the market this year.

In addition, we have explored the functionality of our ingredients and synergies with other ingredients in a selection of food applications. We are now able to support our customers in their journey from formulation to industrial validation.

revyve Mozarella Sticks
revyve Mozzarella Sticks by photographer Alessa Joseph

Can you speak to the various properties and applications of revyve’s ingredients and how they can replace animal-derived ingredients?
revyve ingredients — Adventure and Vitality — exhibit performance comparable to that of egg proteins. They possess distinct functionalities, whether used individually or in combination. For example, they can replace eggs to create a delicious vegan brioche, or they can make strong heat-set gels that provide a meaty bite and keep meat-like products in perfect shape. Most importantly, revyve ingredients offer food companies a clean label and planet-friendly solution.

How are revyve’s ingredients being used to create natural and innovative products? What product markets are you currently focusing on?
We have cracked the code for creating great texture in plant-based and conventional foods. Revyve ingredients create the food experience that consumers crave, giving burgers their meaty juiciness and nuggets their crispy yet tender mouthfeel. Our products are minimally processed, wholesome, and nutritious. Yeast is a well-known super-ingredient, requiring minimal processing, and is rich in protein and dietary fiber.

We have developed great recipes for various food categories to demonstrate our capabilities in meat and meat alternatives; hot and cold sauces; fried appetizers; and bakery products.

Revyve Bun
Revyve Bun image credit Alessa Joseph

Can you share your perspective on how upcycling addresses broader sustainability challenges within the food sector?
We have built our value chain around the principles of the circular economy, using brewer’s yeast, a co-product from the brewing industry, directly as our feedstock or by using sugar molasses, a by-product from the sugar industry, on which to grow fresh yeast. These principles allow us to minimize the need for raw materials and achieve benchmark impact.

Revyve’s climate change impact, as measured by CO2 per kilo of product, is 95% lower than egg white powder and significantly less than most currently available plant proteins. Our benchmark performance is similar in other impact categories, such as water and land use.

Could you share more details about the recent developments at revyve, What are the company’s short-term and long-term goals for growth and market expansion?
We are currently building our new factory in the Netherlands, which will be fully accredited in June this year. We will reach a production capacity of 300 tons by the end of this year. That’s equivalent to the capacity of 80,000 egg-laying hens; if used in burgers that’s enough for 75 million burgers!

Revyve Sauce
Revyve Sauce, image credit Alessa Joseph

We have a pipeline of customers waiting for our scaled product availability to launch their new foods in Europe this year. Furthermore, we are introducing our ingredients to the US in July where we expect large market entry with a partner before the end of 2024. We will continue expanding our sales pipeline and production capacity

How do you support your customers in product development and reformulation to replace unwanted ingredients in their products?
Our customers are facing the daily challenge of validating a mass of new ingredients from both start-ups and large organizations. Unfortunately, these have often fallen short in terms of performance, price or availability.

Our application team is expert in our target applications. They demonstrate how to use our ingredients and assist in the full (re)formulation of our customers’ products, improving quality and reducing time to market. We master the functional properties of our ingredients across multiple applications and processing equipment, and have an in-depth understanding of synergies and interactions with other ingredients present in the customer’s food matrix.

Our laboratory and culinary kitchen are located at the heart of the Netherlands Food Valley in Wageningen and close to many more food companies, startups, and research centers. Our facilities are very flexible and uniquely equipped for co-creation and supporting our customers.

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