ProFuse Technology and Gelatex to Expedite Cultivated Meat by Enhancing Muscle Growth 

Israeli biotech ProFuse Technology, a biotech at the forefront of muscle tissue growth, and Gelatex Technologies, an Estonian materials technology company specializing in nanofibers, have partnered to advance cultivated meat production.

The companies have announced that they have been working on a comprehensive solution for optimizing muscle growth that will expand production capacity and expedite the commercial viability of cultivated meat.

Using a media supplement developed by ProFuse and Gelatex’s plant-based scaffolds, the companies claim to have reduced the average cycle of chicken muscle growth in just 48 hours and a fivefold increase in muscle protein compared to conventional methods of muscle growth.

Guy Nevo Michrowski, CEO of ProFuse Technology, said, “By innovating through collaboration, we are assisting in reshaping the future of meat production. Together, Profuse and Gelatex have taken the cultivated meat industry another step towards sustainable and scalable cultivated meat production.”

Chicken muscle tissue on Gelatex scaffold (L) and Chicken muscle tissue on Gelatex scaffold with ProFuse’s supplement (R) © ProFuse Technology

Access to favorable muscle growth

As stated by the companies, these achievements showcase the potential of each company’s technologies to improve the growth of chicken muscle tissue, promising to deliver cost efficiencies, scalability, and enhanced nutritional value to the cultivated meat industry.

In 2021, Getatex raised €1.2 million to cut scaffolding costs from €100,000 to €1000 per kilogram, aiming to reduce the cost of cultivated meat. Later, in 2022, the Estonian company announced that it could produce enough cultivated meat scaffolding for 300 tonnes of meat per year using its nanofibrous materials technology. Until then, nanofibers had been expensive and difficult to scale, a milestone that positioned the company as a critical player in the industry.

Last September, ProFuse announced that it had developed a scaffolding 3D growth technology that could accelerate muscle growth time fivefold, along with its cell culture media and growth protocols.

The companies announced that they will offer interested parties access to Gelatex’s plant-based nanofiber scaffolds and detailed integration protocols provided by ProFuse Technology to achieve the most favorable muscle growth outcomes in cultivated meat production. 

“The unique properties of our halospun scaffolds, combined with Profuse’s specialized media supplements, can significantly accelerate the path to commercial viability for cultivated meat,” added Märt-Erik Martens, CEO of Gelatex Technologies.

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