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The Cultivated B Canada Rebrands to n!Biomachines, Pioneering Fit-for-Purpose Bioreactors

The German biotech The Cultivated B. announces that its subsidiary The Cultivated B Canada has been rebranded to n!Biomachines to reflect its mission in bioreactor engineering for successful biomanufacturing. (The notation ‘n!’ represents ‘factorial’, hence the name can be read as ‘factorial biomachines.’)

n!Biomachines, located in Burlington, Ontario, develops and manufactures fit-for-purpose, affordable, and automated bioreactors, to enable the commercial scalability of cellular agriculture-derived ingredients for for food, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and more.

The Cultivated B. opened its bioreactor facility in 2022, as part of a strategic partnership with Ontario Genomics, a government-funded non-profit, to develop the economic potential of the cell ag industry. 

Hamid Noori, CEO of n!Biomachines and The Cultivated B., comments: “The mathematical term, ‘n!’, or n factorial, acknowledges the core of our mission: scalability and multiplication, with respect to our bioreactor capacity as well as bioprocessing opportunities for our customers.

“The name n!Biomachines signifies our ambition to expand the applications of bioprocessing through affordable, sustainable and purpose-driven bioreactor design.”

A steel bioreactor
© n!Biomachines

AUXO V bioreactors

According to n!Biomachines, its AUXO V bioreactors can positively transform pilot or large scale bioprocessing by making more efficient and accessible. They are designed to focus on single applications (cells or yeast), streamlining complex processes while eliminating the operational clutter that multi-functionality can bring to bioprocessing.

In addition, they offer automated design, reducing the level of expertise needed to operate the bioreactor’s system, and are affordable and easy to implement. This approach enables new industries to consider bioprocessing while helping existing sectors grow and innovate more quickly, says n!Biomachines

Noori adds: “Our new bioreactor designs enable efficient processes and the faster delivery times needed to accelerate and integrate cellular agriculture as an additional pillar of our food production system.”

The Cultivated B.
Dr. Hamid Noori © The Cultivated B.

The Cultivated B.

The Cultivated B (TCB) is a multinational company that develops cell ag technology, bioreactor engineering, and cultivated products. The firm is a subsidiary of Germany’s second-largest animal-based sausage manufacturer, Infamily Foods, which also owns The Plantly Butchers and the popular vegan brand Billie Green.

Last September, TBC initiated the pre-submission phase for the regulatory approval for a hybrid sausage product (a mix of plant and cells) in Europe, becoming the first firm to seek authorization for cultivated meat.

PreFer Industries, another Cultivated B subsidiary based in Canada, produces animal-free, high-value ingredients.

“It became clear to us that cellular agriculture industry is at an inflection point where benchtop processes are quite well-proven, but scalability and commercial viability have yet to be sufficiently addressed,” Dr. Noori adds.

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